Address: 224 E Richmond St, Westmont, IL 60559

Phone: (312) 203-1280

Founded: 2012

CEO: Virva Hanba

Top Clients:  Horticulture Club, KMA Interiors, Prowetend, Tribrook Healthcare Consultants

Expertise: Graphic Design, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design

One of the few reputable freelance companies in Chicago, Amelia, Inc. works with all types of organizations both locally and nationwide. At Amelia, putting together a website is not about selecting attractive graphics and merging them with the latest widgets – it is a journey.

This journey starts from analyzing the needs of the customers who will use the website. The company then transforms this data into an understanding of what needs the customer is eager to fulfill. In the end, the business gets a website that will appeal to customers in a way that keeps them loyal, brings out their individuality and causes them to want to do better.

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