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APCO Worldwide is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy helping leading public and private sector organizations navigate the challenges of today and find solutions to succeed.

Address: 500 West Madison Street, Suite 820, Chicago, IL, 60661
Phone: (312) 440-8686
Founded in
Brad Staples
Top Clients
Dell, eBay, IKEA, Honda, World Government Summit, Walmart, Microsoft, Better Medicare Alliance
Public affairs, reputation and crisis management, opinion research, and corporate responsibility.


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APCO Worldwide


Founded in 1984 and recognized by the Holmes Report as the “Agency of the Decade” and “Best Large Agency to Work For,” APCO Worldwide is a global communication consultancy. 


The company helps the most innovative organizations adapt and thrive in this fast-moving, interconnected, and complex world. They enable their clients to reach their business and societal goals. 


Activism. Disruption. Fragmentation. Purpose. Scrutiny. Expectations. These are just some of today’s forces accelerating the pace of change. Thriving among them requires a unique diversity in thinking and understanding, a depth of expertise, an intimate appreciation of stakeholders, and a nuanced yet fact-based approach. This is exactly what APCO Worldwide delivers for clients.


APCO Worldwide brings clients’work to life creatively and digitally through diverse thinking and a campaign mentality that is not limited by any particular service or discipline. They embrace a variety of integrated tactics to achieve success. APCO Worldwide is a majority employee and women-owned business.

Focus areas for

APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide is truly worldwide in both locations and in the types of companies and industries they work with. There are certain industries they work with more than others and this includes health, tech, and nonprofit. 


APCO Worldwide is using new and innovative ways to help the healthcare industry create engaging and memorable corporate communication. They do this both with a creative style and inventive use of new technology.  

In the tech sector, taking new or complicated concepts and creating a relatable story around them that average consumers can connect with can be difficult. APCO Worldwide helps these companies design their message to connect with its intended target. 


Many nonprofit organizations work with different cultures and populations who do not have access to traditional corporate communication mediums. APCO Worldwide helps these organizations find the right mix to connect with anyone who needs to hear or see the message.

Services Provided By

APCO Worldwide


Why work with


Experience and reach. 

APCO Worldwide has more than 35 years of experience and a network of offices around the globe – it’s based in more than 30 markets around the world. This allows the team to meet challenges wherever they occur and find smart, sensitive, localized solutions to the unique issues companies face in different parts of the world. 

Operating principles. 

The company has eight operating principles that everyone in the company strives to live by when doing business, so no matter which office you’re engaging with, you’ll get a consistent approach to doing business. These eight principles are: 


  • Make client success our measurement of achievement
  • Empower people to do great work
  • Nurture an organization where everyone is valued
  • Rely on one another to achieve personal potential
  • Build relationships to build business
  • Tell the truth
  • Push the boundaries with innovative technology and solutions
  • Provide global service culture by culture

Professional standards, memberships & partnerships.

No matter where you do business, APCO Worldwide has partners and reflects the standards of that region. As an organization, they endorse and adhere to numerous industry codes in the U.S., UK, India, France, Germany, and Hong Kong just to name a few. With this adherence to regional standards, you know the company will not cause issues with local compliance.

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