1604 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Average Review in Google: 4.5/5

It’s important to start this one off with a description of the interior of this establishment, which feels like the refined living room of a posh yet eclectic world-traveler. There’s a lot to look at here, and there’s no one-spot description. Bar stools, Victorian chairs, lounge benches, simple wood chairs all work for the seating. Faded persian rugs, chevron wood flooring, tiled counters, exquisite chandeliers are placed about the establishment. The atmosphere is a significant part of the experience, but not the only part. If we’re looking at priorities, Beatnik’s menu starts off by listing the cocktails first, offering seven specialty cocktails before inviting the whole group to order one of their four group-size cocktails, perfect for sharing amongst friends. The brunch dishes themselves also have some exotic twists, featuring ingredients and inspiration from the Middle East, or Spain, or India, or even just the south.

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