Best Coworking Spaces

Best Coworking Spaces in Chicago

Co-working is now a fully-fledged industry that has not only caused a seismic shift in how people work but also reimagined the real estate sector — and co-working spaces in Chicago are at the forefront of it all.


The Windy City is home to many tech pundits, social activists, writers, artists, musicians, designers, and other creative talents, most of whom love the concept of co-working spaces.


Startups and big corporations alike are trooping in droves to co-working spaces in Chicago.  It’s easy to understand why. These co-working hubs provide them with highly creative, collaborative, and social environments conducive to productivity and networking.


Equally important, shared workspaces give Chicago startups an opportunity to scale up at a pace that best suits their growth, empowering them to accomplish truly groundbreaking work at a fraction of the price they would pay if they had to rent other types of office spaces. Of course, the question of secrecy might crop up but, clearly, the benefits of co-working outweigh these concerns.


It helps that monthly fees for shared workstations in Chicago are plausibly affordable when compared to rates for comparable workspaces in San Francisco and New York City, two other well-known co-working destinations.


What’s more, Chicago also has a bustling art, culture and entertainment scene, with some of the best-rated hotels and bars within the city limits.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that all co-working spaces in Chicago are created equal, but each location serves specific teams, industries, or niches. So be sure to note which type or types of businesses are at the heart of any space you are considering. When choosing a co-working space in Chicago, it pays to examine the surroundings, office amenities, security, overall atmosphere, hidden costs and extra perks, while also considering your specific niche and budget.


No office in Chicago? No problem! From a tech startup incubator like 1871 to a social activists’ haven like Coalition Space Impact, we have put together the 17 best co-working spaces in Chicago. Here they are!

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