Chinese – A Place By DAMAO

Owners: 24-year-old Aishan “Damao” Zhong, and Mori Guo

Location: 2621 S Halsted St Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60608

Contact information: 312-929-2088

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 12PM-10PM, Friday-Sunday 11PM-10PM

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese dishes created by those who know the culture well, look no further than ‘A Place by Damao’. In all of their dishes, the owners work hard to fill them with so much flavour your taste buds are bound to explode in delight. Be warned that these spices and other flavourings take no hostages, however; this definitely isn’t the place for those who cannot handle their spice!

If you can, however, why not take your time to enjoy some of the best of what their menu has to offer, including pork ear, duck neck, and chicken gizzard. Priced reasonably at less than $10 per dish, you are not going to be disappointed! They also offer online delivery and catering options for those who cannot access the store, or would like to experience their Chinese cuisine on a larger scale at their own, private event.

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