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CMI Media delivers healthcare marketing with precision, performance, and personalization.

Address: 333 N. Green 17th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (646) 840-0717
Founded in
Stan Woodland
Top Clients
Abbott, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson.
Pharmaceutical brand management and medical publishing.


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at a glance

CMI Media


Well-known as a media planning and buying organization for healthcare clients, CMI Media is the leading media resource and indispensable partner for the world’s top healthcare companies. The company’s methodology of precision, performance, and people enables them to take a channel-agnostic approach to identifying, engaging, and influencing target audiences. 


With 30+ successful years in marketing strategies for healthcare services, and a dynamic team whose combined experience ranges from healthcare brand management to medical publishing, CMI Media knows how audiences consume information to achieve healthier outcomes, and they use that knowledge to guide clients toward better relationships with their ideal audiences. 


CMI Media serves the health, wellness, and pharmaceutical industries with service-oriented values that are seen throughout the company. They also support philanthropic efforts that benefit healthier outcomes and encourage learning and innovation among employees.

CMI Media exists to help leading organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of our society achieve their business goals by creating experiences that inform, educate, and stimulate behaviors that improve quality of life.


CMI Media was named an AdWeek Fastest Growing Company in 2019. 

Focus areas for

CMI Media

CMI Media broadly focuses on providing media and brand services to the healthcare industry with clients in the health, wellness, and pharmaceutical sectors. 


CMI Media provides full-service, integrated solutions to the healthcare industry. They provide their clients with everything from customer insights to integrated media to health marketing campaign analysis to programmatic media buying and more. 


Wellness is an emerging and rapidly growing sector of the healthcare industry that needs innovative approaches and audience data analysis to create a successful media strategy. 

In the pharmaceutical sector, not only does each company need a personalized approach to media, each drug within the company may as well. This is where the CMI Media personalized approach helps an industry that is not one-size-fits-all.


Why work with

CMI Media

Precision, Performance, and Personalization.  

These three words are splashed over everything CMI Media does because it is at the core of their business. It is more than just a slogan, it is a methodology. It is how they approach every client and every project. It is why they deliver results for each individual client in a way that benefits their client’s growth and bottom line. 

They help you reach your target audience. 

There is no one guaranteed way to ensure that your media reaches its intended target. But CMI Media provides your business with an experienced media strategist who can put together a personalized plan to make your buys more effective. The point is to bring together consumers and your organization in the most efficient way possible. 

Providing thought leadership.

Being a leader for their healthcare clients is one thing, but CMI Media is also a leader in the entire industry. They are always thinking about where healthcare marketing is going and what both marketing and healthcare companies can do to innovate, adopt the latest technologies and trends, and stay ahead of the curve. Their insights, whitepapers, infographics, and blog posts help them shape both the healthcare and marketing fields, 

Happy employees. 

CMI Media has often received recognition as a “Best Place to Work” due to its core values and family atmosphere. They offer employees a good work/life balance, training, and career development opportunities, paid leave, and more. Happy employees lead to happy clients.

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