Greek – Greek Islands Restaurant

Owners: Gus Couchell and friends, plus Louie Alexakris, general manager and son-in-law of the owner

Location: Several locations, including Greektown in downtown Chicago and Lombard in the western Chicago suburbs

Contact information: (312) 782-9855

Opening Hours: Sundays–Thursdays 11AM-midnight, Fridays & Saturdays 11AM-1AM

After many years of hard work, a group of Greek immigrants were delighted to provide America with some of the most intriguing delicacies Greek cuisine has to offer. Their special’s menu alone is something to marvel over, with offerings including Mediterranean Style Salmon, Boiled Loin Lamb Chops, and Baked Lamb Riblets, just to name a few options. Slightly more expensive than some of the other offerings in our list, with dishes generally ranging from $15 and upwards, this restaurant is still worth visiting.

In addition to their restaurant offerings, they also provide catering services for larger events, and delivery for those who cannot make it into the restaurant.

Regardless of how you taste the Greek cuisine on offer at this restaurant, having been named the best Greek restaurant in all of America, it’s not something you can afford to miss!


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