Greentarget is a strategic public relations company that helps professional services firms create unique positions of authority.

Address: 141 W Jackson Blvd #3100, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312) 252-4100
Founded in
John Corey and Aaron Schoenherr
Top Clients
Brown Rudnick, Carbon Black, TransMed Systems.
Enhancing reputations, building relationships with influencers, and positioning.


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Founded in Chicago in 2004, Greentarget is a strategic public relations firm that focuses exclusively on B2B organizations. 


Greentarget’s strength is in helping clients direct—rather than react to—the ongoing conversations about them in the marketplace. Effectively managed dialogue holds the promise of adding value to every organization. 


The company serves global firms with multiple practice areas in extremely competitive industries. This enables them to develop highly effective and efficient client services processes. Through this deep expertise and extensive experience in creating multi-layered communications programs, Greentarget delivers the same high level of impact and service to professional service firms and select industries in the business-to-business market.

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Greentarget focuses exclusively on clients in B2B industries including legal, professional services, accounting, commercial real estate, financial institutions, and management consulting firms. 


For more than 20 years, Greentarget has brought PR expertise to the legal industry and has some of the world’s largest and most respected law firms as clients.


Greentarget specializes in PR for the professional services industries which means that they are specialists in counseling those who counsel the world’s most complex businesses.


Accounting firms need wide-ranging know-how in accounting, tax, and compliance and the Green Target PR firm has the experience and knowledge on how to make accounting firms stand out from the crowd. 


Greentarget brings insight into the concepts of space and wellness to commercial real estate which helps implement the right PR strategy to open opportunities, connections and dialogue around the changing dynamics of space in 2020. 


Financial services is a crowded marketplace which is why Greentarget brings award-winning thought leadership campaigns to help their clients stand out. 


Management consulting firms need to keep their expert position in a rapidly changing world at all times. Greentarget creates PR and marketing strategies that help these companies stay a step ahead in this competitive and ever-changing industry.


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The seven-step Client Engagement Process. 

This framework is a flexible process built on Greentarget’s core values that helps them guide clients through their project from start to finish. It allows them to develop effective communications programs through time-tested methods and evaluate at the end of each cycle for continuous improvement. The seven steps of this process are: 

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Understand the objectives
  3. Empathize with the audience
  4. Build the strategy
  5. Craft the narrative
  6. Distribute across channels 
  7. Measure and assess

Authenticity is key. 

In order to be a good and ethical communicator, you first need to listen with empathy and seek to understand. This is the approach that Greentarget takes with their clients, their PR, and the world around them. 

A balance of risk and reward.

Greentarget helps companies get out of their comfort zone or, as they call it, “Embrace the Stretch.” This is a delicate balance of calculated risks and possible rewards that pushes companies to go further and take more chances with their strategies than they have done in the past. This is how you fuel growth. 

A purpose-driven company. 

The idea of a purpose-driven life is behind everything Greentarget does. It influences the way they work as a company, the companies they work with, the consumers and outlets they target, and even the people they hire. They believe this is the new way that corporations can and should work and that it will serve them well in the future just as it will serve the greater good.

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