Griddle 24

334 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Average Review in Google: 4.4/5

Let’s start this one out with what is every breakfast aficionado’s true dream: 24-hour breakfast service! This is the perfect spot to hit when you’re really feeling that breakfast food craving. Not much in the way of fancy or over-the-top, Griddle 24’s emits traditional diner-vibes, and the menu is filled with recognizable dishes, hearty, filling, and satisfying. Sweet tooth or savory tooth, they also have more modest prices compared to other spots on this list. One of their unique specialties are their Boozy Shakes, with the late-night incomer can sip on a nutella-banana smoothie spiked with Captain Morgan, or the chocolate and peanut butter shake spiked with some Kahlua.

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