Brands don’t sell brands, people do. That’s why Mainland aims to amplify business growth by  identifying, creating, telling, and measuring stories

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Mainland CEO Nick Powills started the company in 2019, but his story starts more than a ten years earlier, when he was with another PR firm. Powills grew tired of the PR world’s refusal to embrace a changing communications landscape after constantly working on the latest ideas and trends, only to be told by old-school PR professionals that social media isn’t here to stay or that digital publications would never play on the same level as traditional print media.


In 2008, the PR pro started his own journey in this world by opening a consulting firm called No Limit Media Consulting. Founded by Powills, a PR person and a journalist, this company was all about the future, He wanted to innovate and modernize how businesses tell stories in a rapidly-changing digital age. A decade later, Mainland was created. The company goals now delivers an “integrated approach, scalable pricing model, and a service delivery unlike any other agency.”

Focus areas for


Mainland bills itself as a “full-service/one-stop” agency that can give a client everything it needs in the digital marketing space. The company breaks it services down into five buckets. The first is strategy and consultation. In this bucket, they offer brand assessments, sales strategies, and “The Big Idea.” Owned services are a full array of content marketing services that deal in everything from whitepapers to social media strategy.


Earned services is Mainland’s cadre of public relation tools, whether its B2B, B2C, national, local, or influencer-based PR. Paid services encompasses all the digital, event, and brand marketing you can buy for your company. Last, there’s data analytics and reporting where Mainland helps you makes sense of your target audience and your marketing efforts impact on your bottom line. 


Why work with


They are experts at local and trade press

This helps get your marketing and message into all types of media that will end up directly in front of your target audience where they are. This is all about earned media.


They want to be your last agency

To be the last agency your business ever has to deal with, Mainland’s goals is to “win on your behalf.” This means that they will take a strategic approach, focus on relationships, providing high-quality service, and delivering results. They will also give you one of their experienced, proven-effective executives to shepherd your account.


Social media and content marketing

Mainland believes “that brands have failed at social media and content marketing in that the content and media is not social and not marketed.” The company uses social, media and marketing concepts the right way to help your organization win in the end.


The digital unicorn

The company believes that innovation is the key to win in the digital marketing space. They are never content remaining the same and will always push for new opportunities in order to provide the best results.


They are the influencers

In addition to connecting you with the best influencers in your space, Mainland also runs the 1851 and Estatenvy publications. These in-house digital magazines give you a perfect spot to place your brand in front of the right audience in a unique way. 


They believe in people stories, consistency of press, and in our ability to hunt great stories

These core beliefs are some of the keys to great digital marketing. When Mainland helps you achieve this mix, the result will be growth and success.


They use an integrated storytelling model

This model takes the five buckets of Mainland’s services and uses them all to create the right mix for your business that lets you effectively tell your story. It includes the strategy and consultation, owned, earned, and paid marketing and PR, and the data analytics.

Mainland has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.


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