Governor Pritzker and Senior Staff Member Working From Home Amidst Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has truly left no stone unturned.

Almost every industry worldwide has been impacted by the virus, with many people working from home or being placed on furlough leave. Other essential workers are being put into strange and unfamiliar working environments, which have been tricky to deal with.

It’s been positive to see so many people abiding by lockdown laws and working restrictions, though. The global community has been put under so much strain in 2020 that it’s very reassuring to see so many people adapting their daily routines as best as possible.

The creative introduction of remote working measures has been truly fascinating to observe, too. Many businesses all around the world have had to get creative, in order to keep themselves afloat. Zoom calls, social media parties and digital content have now become the norm for almost every sector in 2020.

Plenty of events and social gatherings have had to be moved to online spaces, too. Large music events and festivals have been cancelled, as have important social events like many LGBTQ+ Pride events in June. Thankfully, the community has responded very positively and some unique, digital solutions with live streaming and virtual shows have been put forward.

All this positivity aside, though, it’s still shocking to find out that public figureheads and essential workers have been affected by the virus. It’s easy for people who are in the media or public eye to seem untouchable, yet this is not the case.

Governor Pritzker has been in the news lately, regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Political advocates in Illinois were left shocked by the recent news that a senior member of staff at the Governor’s office had tested positive for the virus, and that strict remote working measures had been put in place by the team as a whole.

Naturally, the identity of the staff member who was diagnosed has been kept a secret for privacy reasons. The staff member had not been attending Governor Pritzker’s conferences after being diagnosed and was reported to be asymptomatic as well. The team here at Cool Things Chicago wishes them a speedy and safe recovery.

It’s been very positive to see how well Governor Pritzker and his team have been adapting to the new circumstances as a result of this news. Governor Pritzker’s press conferences are now fully digital, being streamed directly from his home in Chicago. He is often joined by other public officials, and by varying numbers of reporters as well.

It’s hard to tell when Governor Pritzker and his staff will be returning to normal working conditions, like the rest of us. There seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions on when lockdown and social distancing will end, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry. If you’re in the position where you can work from home, we’d absolutely recommend doing so.

Working from home can present a number of unique challenges, so it’s important to try and do it mindfully. As this great Economic Times article notes, it’s vital to set up a dedicated work area and to try and keep your working hours as regulated as possible. If, like Governor Pritzker, you have daily conference calls to make, try to keep to your usual timings as much as you can.

Overall, it’s been a difficult year so far for many of us around the world. It’s been shocking to see so many public figures being put into strange and frightening circumstances, but we’re glad to see that Governor Pritzker has been managing the situation so positively with his team.

If you’re working from home for the first time, we’d recommend taking a look at this handy BBC article for some advice on how to do it effectively and mindfully.

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