The First City Bar With an Indoor Dog Park to Open in Chicago This Fall

Although there is some more work to be done, The B-A-R, a new drinking den featuring an indoor dog park, will hopefully open soon at 2457 W. Montrose Avenue.

As reported by Block Club Chicago, the new destination belongs to couple Morgan LaPorte and Scott Deady, who first announced their plans last year but have just received a permit “to establish a tavern with rear outdoor patio,” according to official city records

There are some wonderful places to spend your free time in Chicago, either for adults by themselves, or accompanied by their children. Our city is amongst the most fun in the US, but, for dog owners, finding the perfect spot to go to with their beloved pets proves difficult. There are places for books, theater and coffee lovers, and spectacular rooftops bars where you can sip a drink while taking in a spectacular view, but place where you can take your dog, not depending on the weather, not so many.


Proof of vaccination for the dogs and a membership 

The B-A-R, a name that calls out to dog owners’ tendency to spell out the word w-a-l-k in order to not excite their furry little friends, will have a bar for humans and an indoor dog park in an open space that used to be a plant nursery.

Pet owners will have to show proof of vaccination for their dog and apply for a membership to gain access to the space (options range from a $25 day pass to a $50 monthly pass). If visiting without a pup, you will be able to walk straight in. 

Although Chicago is home to a pretty big number of dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios, this new destination is certainly an exciting proposition, effectively the first city bar with an indoor dog park. 

In terms of timing, the owners are still waiting for their liquor license to be approved and, according to Block Club Chicago, will hopefully officially debut their new business this upcoming fall, just when the weather turns bad and going to open patios with the pups is not an option anymore. 

More than your regular dog friendly place

The B-A-R is more than what you’d picture a pure Chicago dog bar to be – and it’s much different from the dog-friendly bar that might be in your neighborhood already. In fact, The B-A-R is “dog-friendly” in the truest sense. It’s a place where you can bring your dog, have a drink, AND help puppies in need. That means supporting the two-legged humans who provide love and care to the pups who’ve found themselves caught in a real pickle! So, the place has partnered with some amazing organizations who get a ton of them out of some serious jams. 

The owners live in the Northcenter neighborhood, so they know that a dog-friendly bar is exactly what the hood needs! 

It will hopefully be only a little while to wait still, because, while demand is high, and the support has been incredible, it still hasn’t been a w-a-l-k in the p-a-r-k getting this off the ground, the owners say.  

The B-A-R offers a cold drink for humans, and a safe place for all dogs to sniff some butts while sheltered from the unpredictable Chicago weather – no more excuses for the humans now! Patrons of The B-A-R can rest assured that their pup’s “new friends” have all been socially vetted (by us experts) and vaccinated (by actual experts). Additionally, all dogs over the age of one must be spayed or neutered. With that, and a drink in their hand, we’re confident the humans will let the pups socialize longer and more often! 

The B-A-R is incredibly proud to announce they are an official partner of Wright-Way Rescue non-profit rescue center! This means giving back through donations, hosting dog adoption events, and more! 

Rules for dogs and owners to keep things safe for everyone

An indoor dog bar can be a great place to socialize with other dog owners and their furry friends. However, it’s important to keep in mind some rules to keep the pets safe!

  1. The B-A-R is NOT a doggy daycare. That means the dogs must have their humans with them at all times while visiting The B-A-R. When the humans need to relieve themselves, they are asked to notify the staff, so they can keep an eye on the dogs.
  2. While we will be conducting socialization interviews with all of our guests when visiting The B-A-R for the first time, it’s important that pups who visit The B-A-R are well-behaved and don’t pose a threat to other dogs or humans. To help keep things under control, owners will be required to keep their dogs on a leash or harness while they’re in The B-A-R.
  3. Bark Rangers are going to be on the floor to assist with general safety and sanitation, however, humans are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, both inside and outside the bar premises. This is a basic courtesy that helps to keep the environment clean and hygienic for everyone who visits.
  4. In addition to the vaccination records we will be keeping, illnesses do occur. Pups entering The B-A-R should not be displaying any signs of illness or aggression that could cause problems for other patrons.
  5. Should any monkey business arise, The B-A-R retains the right to intervene. At the sole discretion of The B-A-R staff, dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior will be asked to leave with their human(s). Should said pup decide to return at a later date, he or she will be allowed on a probationary basis. If another incident occurs and The B-A-R staff deems that the bad boy or girl was fully or partially at fault for the altercation, The B-A-R reserves the right to refuse admission from then forward.
  6. The B-A-R is a judgment-free, welcoming establishment – dogs of all shapes and sizes will be allowed! 

Overall, by following these rules and being a responsible pet owner, you and your dog can enjoy a fun and safe experience at The B-A-R! 

Any human over the age of 21 can come to this establishment! But the pup must be a member. This means the dog has been fully onboarded (vaccination records collected and socialization interview passed) to make sure everyone is safe! After that, passes for access will be available for purchase, with day, month, and annual options.

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