Best Web Development Companies in Chicago This Year

If you estimate the amount of time spent online each day by the average internet user based purely on the amount of time you and your friends spend in this activity, you can guess just how important it is for companies to have a website. Company websites not only increase sales channels but also serve as a tool to help businesses establish credibility with their customers.


Indeed, there is so much to gain from having a website that you cannot afford to forgo having one. So, how do you get one built to your specific business needs? There are three typical options for you to explore.


If you have enough time and expertise, you can build your own business website. Let us assume you design the website yourself. Will you have enough time to regularly revise it with new information and best practices design updates? Will you even be aware of changes to best practices as they arise so you can keep current? The tech scene is ever-changing; if you fail to keep all aspects of your website current and don’t have a web tech company by your side, it is likely that your competition will outshine you.


A second option is to enlist the services of a freelancer. This allows you to maintain a one-on-one relationship, which can seem very simple and straightforward at first. However, are you willing to play cat and mouse games on missed timelines and deal with someone who might not finish the project if personal problems arise? Relying on one person to perform such a large task can be problematic.


You could also select a company to design your website. However, with such a large number of companies providing web development in Chicago, it could be weeks or even months before you find the right one for you. This article lists the top web developers in Chicago in no particular order. Reading through it will help you become familiar with each of them. All the agencies on this list are experts in web development; they have years of experience in the market and strong customer testimonials.


1 ArtVersion

As their name would suggest, ArtVersion bring a more artistic approach to the development of your website. Their team of creative strategists and visual storytellers have supported both Fortune 500 companies and startups with bringing their ideas to life.

  • ArtVersion has served a number of industries including fashion, finance, and sports.
  • They've been named in the Top 100 Branding Agencies by Agency Spotter.
  • ArtVersion has a 5-star rating on
Top Clients: Volvo, Mack Trucks, TransUnion, Federal Reserve Bank, Rush University, Shell
Expertise: UX Web Design, Branding
2 Solid Digital LLC

Solid Digital promise to help you build Digital Growth. They don't just dive into building whatever you describe to them: they first work to understand your digital goals, and measure and iterate on ideas to build the most impactful product possible.

  • Solid Digital has worked with thousands of happy clients.
  • The company prioritizes both the success and the enjoyment of their clients during their joint projects.
  • Top clients include Hilton Worldwide, Ajinomoto, and Embassy Suites.
Top Clients: Hilton Worldwide, Ajinomoto, Embassy Suites, DoubleTree
Expertise: Web Design, Branding
3 Wojo Design

Wojo Design is a full-service digital agency that offers far more than just website building. They'll also work with you to design and implement a successful marketing strategy, growing you brand in the process.

  • Wojo Design have been in business for 16 years.
  • The company has received W3 awards in 2014, 2018, and 2019.
  • Top clients include Iron Galaxy Studios and Alliant Credit Union.
Top Clients: Iron Galaxy Studios, Alliant Credit Union, Blue Federal Credit Union, ESPN Rise
Expertise: Web Design and Development
4 Orbit Media Studios

Throughout the almost two decades since their launch, Andy Crestodina's Orbit Media Studios has not placed any restrictions on who they work with. Orbit's passionate and creative team pays close attention to their clients' clients, as a result maximizing ROI on their projects.

  • Orbit gives back -- they've donated over $325,000 to non-profits in the form of web design services.
  • The Orbit team has been recognized by Inc 5000 and Graphic Design USA.
  • Top clients include Vienna Beef, Bottleneck Management Group, and Greater Chicago Food Depository.
Top Clients: Vienna Beef, Bottleneck Management Group, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Illinois Science & Technology Coalition
Expertise: Web Design and Development
5 iSimplifyMe

iSimplifyMe have, fittingly, simplified the business of web design. The company has gone back to basics and embraced personalized relationships and collaborative efforts. The company aims to partner with your business for the long-term, keeping you in the loop about project progress.

  • iSimplifyMe specialize in web design, but are also competent in SEO and Content Marketing.
  • The company has successfully serviced over 28 clients.
  • Top clients include Casa Bonita and Stone City.
Top Clients: Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, Bartco Lighting, Casa Bonita, Stone City
Expertise: Web Design and Development, Branding
6 Lunar Media
Lunar Media is a small but mighty graphic and web design agency in Chicago that transforms web pages into visually appealing, fully functional eye candy at a cost that doesn't break the bank. It supports startups, small businesses, and fledgling ...
Top Clients: Garfield Park Conservatory, Bridgeport Art Center, Friends of the Chicago River, Cake Chicago
Expertise: Web Design and Development
7 Gulo
Gulo is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps Cincinnati and Chicago Fortune 500 and startup companies connect with their target audiences through a strong digital strategy, impactful conversion optimization, and insightful keyword ...
Top Clients: up4 Probiotics, Dunbar Armored, Machine Tools, American Society for Nutrition
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Conversion Optimization
8 Logical Media Group

Logical Media Group acquired the Ocean Agency in 2014, which means that the team is skilled in both SEO marketing and web design services. The company has a passion for local business, but helps companies all over the country.

  • Logical Media Group has experience working in the real estate, law, and CPG industries, among others.
  • The agency is a Certified Google Partner.
  • Logical also provides services relating to social media, SEO, and PPC.
Top Clients: CMK Companies, University of Chicago, Vienna Beef, Ram Racing, Hampton Inn
Expertise: SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design
9 Bright Bright Great Web Design
If you’re looking for a business with an intelligent team that can create web designs that solve problems and improve your visitors’ experiences, Bright Bright Great can do just that.
Top Clients: Nike, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Crayola, McDonald’s, Cards Against Humanity
Expertise: Web Design, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing
10 Mabbly

"Mabbly" is an acronym -- it stands for "Modern Agency Borne By Loving You". Born from a mom-and-pop SEO firm, Mabbly has worked with a number of high-profile clients. The firm prides itself on their high morale, personal touch with clients, and stellar results.

  • Microsoft chose Mabbly to help the launch of its Civic Engagement platform, propelling it to strong thought-leader recognition and over 2 million Twitter views.
  • The company worked with Limitless Coffee, which eventually landed its products in Walmart.
  • Mabbly prides itself on data-driven yet human-centered design.
Top clients: Northwestern University, Microsoft, Limitless Coffee & Tea, SPR.
Expertise: Brand identity, UX/Design, and development, search engine marketing, digital advertising, public relations, video production.
11 ePageCity

ePageCity specializes in building websites for small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profits. Their solutions arise from a dedication to aligning your business goals with simple user-friendly designs.

  • ePageCity has been taking care of clients for over 20 years.
  • The agency also works to improve SEO, SEM, and Inbound Content Strategies.
  • Top clients include Atticus Recruiting and 4C for Children.
Top Clients: Atticus Recruiting, 4C for Children, Friedman Properties, Elementum Advisors
Expertise: Web Design, SEO
12 Duo Consulting

Duo Consulting always pairs clients with senior employees -- meaning you never have to be worried about a lack of expertise. Primarily working with the Drupal Content Management System, the company builds websites with the aim of helping the client grow.

  • Duo Consulting was named a Top B2B Company in Chicago by Clutch in 2019.
  • The company has over 20 years of experience serving customers.
  • Top clients include Chicago Botanic Garden and Verizon.
Top Clients: Chicago Botanic Garden, Verizon, Bosch, Cook County, Loyola Medicine
Expertise: Web Design and Development
13 Bounteous

Bounteous is a dedicated web design agency that believes a foundation of interactions, data, and insights can transform digital experiences. Their dedicated team have worked with some large brands, and have extensive experience delivering a range of solutions.

  • Having been around for over 20 years, Bounteous has a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • They're also a six-time honoree on the Inc 5000 Honor Roll.
  • Top clients include PBS and Harvard Extension School.
Top Clients: PBS, Enterprise Bank & Trust, KQED, Caesars Entertainment, Harvard Extension School
Expertise: Web Design
14 Rizk Ad
Rizk AD is a premier search engine optimization (SEO) agency that offers affordable, professional services to businesses of all sizes. The agency offers services tailored to each client’s specific needs, whether it be link building, content ...
Top Clients: Desert Moon, Matty’s Restaurant, Elite Mobile, Odeh Law, Benivex Pharmacy
Expertise: Local SEO, Web Design
15 Digital Kitchen

Digital Kitchen utilizes a unique approach to web design -- they incorporate experiential design and rich brand storytelling into their work. Regardless of your vertical, they will help you create immersive narratives and boost conversions.

  • Their trademark approach is to incorporate film and video into their designs, which has earned them collaborations with HBO and AMC.
  • Digital Kitchen has been around since 1995.
  • They have also been the winner of the Webby Awards.
Top Clients: Alta Forest Products, AMC, Deschutes Brewery, HBO, Microsoft
Expertise: Web Design
16 Lipman Hearne

Lipman Hearne is the leading digital agency for non-profits. Having worked with large international foundations as well as small outfits, the company is equipped to provide your initiative with the branding, recognition, and durability it deserves.

  • Lipman Hearne has also worked with research universities and medical institutions.
  • They have over thirty years of dealing with digital solutions for non-profits.
  • Top clients include Northern Arizona University and Moving Faith Forward.
Top Clients: Northern Arizona University, Moving Faith Forward, SIU, American College of Chest Physicians
Expertise: Web Design
17 ParadigmNEXT

ParadigmNEXT aims to integrate strategic communications and business know-how. With expertise across a number of industry verticals, they know how to maximize impact through their projects.

  • ParadigmNEXT has deep-rooted connections with the Chicago startup industry.
  • They work closely with their partner companies, BizCastHQ and GTM Advisors, to create the best solution for your brand.
  • ParadigmNEXT has presented finalists at SXSW and TechWeek Accelerators.
Top Clients: Susan G. Komen Chicago, Haus Mortgage, ZenFi, Greenridge, Channel IQ
Expertise: Web Design, Digital Strategy
18 Gyro

Launched in the early 1980s, Gyro is a highly culture-driven digital marketing agency. They call their culture UNO -- which, they claim, is made of collaboration, openness, and big hearts.

  • Gyro's team consists of 700 people across 17 offices.
  • They were named the 2016 Advertising Age B-to-B Agency of the Year.
  • Top clients include HP and TD Ameritrade.
Top Clients: Google, Aflac, eBay, HP, Ameritrade
Expertise: Web Design, Digital Strategy
19 Mess
Mess is a digital design, development and marketing company committed to growing businesses around the Chicago area. The team is involved in content generation for startups, marketing, brand scaling, and web design. For more than a decade, Mess has crafted unique user driven experiences and applications that cut across multiple industries.
Top Clients: Agency EA, Aparium Hotel Group, Chicago Humanities Festival, Spout
Expertise: Brand Scaling, Content Management Systems, Django, eCommerce, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, iOS Application Development, Mobile Design, PHP, Python, User Experience, Web Design, Web Development
20 4EVER Design Studio
4EVER Design Studio is a leading web design and development agency serving other companies for 19 long years. Its experienced team of creative professionals has helped businesses in and out of Chicago with their various marketing needs. Its primary ...
Top Clients: Apex Window Works, Best Realty Group, IL Home Care, Izy Beauty and Spa, Mattress Bargains, Megabai, Minidonut Factories, Remodel Pro Expert, Signature Homes, Touch the Moon Photography
Expertise: eCommerce, Internet Marketing, Logo Design, SEO, Social Media Integration, Web Design, Web Development
21 AC Digital Design
AC Digital Design is the go-to professional outfit for businesses seeking effective email marketing. Offering solutions to both B2C and B2B companies, AC Digital Design experts will make sure that your website matches your brand. Strategically positioned and inviting Calls to Action might sound intimidating but AC Digital Design offers the service without strain to your budget.
Top Clients: Sendy, MailChimp, Hubspot
Expertise: eCommerce Automation, Email Marketing, Print Design, Responsive Email Design, Web Development
22 Amelia, Inc.
One of the few reputable freelance companies in Chicago, Amelia, Inc. works with all types of organizations both locally and nationwide. At Amelia, putting together a website is not about selecting attractive graphics and merging them with the latest widgets – it is a journey.
Top Clients: Horticulture Club, KMA Interiors, Prowetend, Tribrook Healthcare Consultants
Expertise: Graphic Design, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design
23 Two by Four

twoxfour is "in the business of helping brands change what they're all about". They pride themselves on being nimble, and work with brands who can match that spirit. The world is constantly changing, twoxfour says, and constantly changing is the best way to succeed in that environment.

  • twoxfour's capabilities range from advertising and app development to web design and event management.
  • They've worked with over 80 brands successfully.
  • Top clients include Brookfield Zoo and Wrangler.
Top Clients: Zebra Technologies, Original Joe’s, Navy Pier, Smart Choice MRI, Grainger
Expertise: Web Design and Development
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