Zulkie Partners

135 South La Salle Street Suite 3425 Chicago, IL 60603-4177

Phone: 312 648 2244

Website: https://www.zulkiepartners.com/

Founded: 2000

Managing Principal: Paul L. Zulkie

Expertise: Business Immigration Law

In the past, immigrants have been an essential part of building cities and industries throughout the US and have been seen as a valuable part of the workforce. In recent years, however, there has been a dramatic shift in attitudes and the complexity of immigration laws in the US. It has also affected the arbitrary decision making by federal agencies.

These developments have made hiring and retaining foreign workers one of the most complicated tasks facing management and human resource professionals, which is where Zulkie Partners are there to help. Having been nationally recognized for their expertise in business immigration law, they represent companies of all sizes and non-profit organizations. Together, they educate and guide businesses through the process of navigating new legislation so that they can retain the best and brightest talent available in their industry.

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