For decades, BDO Digital has provided comprehensive technology solutions – from inspiration to implementation, and every step in between.

Address: 330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 3200, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 856-9100
Founded in
Bob Knott and Stephanie Giammarco
Top Clients
Coverdell, CMT, Emkay, Havi, Indiana Farm Bureau, Old Second, MHolland, Waterton, Hermanson, Tandem HR
Managed IT services and custom software applications.


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BDO Digital


Technology is reinventing the rules of business, redefining industry business models, and changing human behaviors and customer expectations.

The risks in making the right choice with the right advisor have never been higher. Whether maximizing existing assets or pursuing wide-ranging, transformative initiatives, BDO Digital helps middle-market organizations capture the full power of technology, to adapt to disruption, increase operational efficiencies, improve risk management effectiveness, and uncover new sources of revenue. They strive to make the aspirational achievable by combining strategy with end-to-end execution, delivering measurable business outcomes at every juncture.

Their collaborative, cross-disciplinary team comprises digital strategists, systems integrators, data scientists, software developers, change management professionals, and industry-specific advisors who work together to solve their clients’ immediate digital needs and unearth new opportunities to drive competitive advantage. The company’s approach is agile and scalable, and its recommendations focus on function over flash. BDO Digital’s goal is to help its clients become faster, smarter, and more adaptable to change.

Focus areas for

BDO Digital

BDO Digital focuses on providing managed IT services and custom software applications in five key areas – healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, financial, and education. 

Healthcare is becoming more reliant on technology than ever and BDO Digital helps organizations in this industry make the shift to digital while enabling the people within the organization. 

The manufacturing process creates more data than most companies even realize. Streamlining the flow of data and analyzing it to improve processes is key. 

In the world of finance, time is money. That is why BDO Digital offers streamlined CRM solutions for financial businesses that allow them to manage, store, and access customer data faster and more efficiently. 

Professional services companies collect and manage sensitive data on their clients, and protecting that data has never been more important. That is why BDO Digital security solutions work so well here.  

In education, there is a massive amount of data stored in systems. Moving this data to the cloud saves money, adds security, and makes it easier to access for employees and students alike.


Why work with


Modernize Technology.

To update your company’s technology to achieve better agility and efficiency, BDO Digital offers a range of managed IT and app development services to help you reach these goals. These include automation, cloud, and IT infrastructure, and optimization. 

Develop a Digital Strategy.

BDO Digital helps you reimagine your business and operations for the future digital economy in order to thrive. They do this with a 3+1 approach which includes their three foundation pillars of digital business (growth), digital process (profitability), and digital backbone (security). The +1 is the digital adoption which is at the heart of everything they do. 

Lead Change.

To help enable your people in an age of disruption, they aid your organization’s need to adapt and evolve with change management, digital transformation, and management advisory services

Unlock the Power of Data.

Unlocking new insights is key to enhancing customer experience and streamlining  operations. BDO Digital offers support around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, data management and analytics, and digital transformation.  

Attract and Retain Customers.

Can your customers and prospects easily find you in the digital abyss? BDO Digital’s digital business and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms makes it easy for them to find you in the morass of digital everything

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