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 Brandpoint has been innovating in the content marketing space since 1996. The company started working with brands and providing industry-leading content distribution. That function quickly evolved to include becoming a primary storytelling partner for their clients who had a deep desire to stay fresh and stay agile in the face of quickly changing media trends. In 2021, Brandpoint is a full-service, comprehensive content marketing agency. The company’s two-plus decades of experiences has turned them into one of the most trusted content partners in their industry.


The company helps produce content that will grow everything from brand awareness to web traffic to qualified leads or sales. They take a data-driven approach to content development that provides measurable results that truly help businesses grow. A lot has changed in the digital media world since 1996, but Brandpoint has stayed on the forefront of all these changes. They’ve adapted with the times by adjusting and continuously improving while keeping their core principles close at hand. This is why they’ve been successfully helping companies develop winning content for all these years.

Focus areas for


The focus area that Brandpoint excels in come down to three main areas: content marketing strategy, content creation, and content marketing distribution. In terms of strategy, the company beloved that great content both serves your specific and unique target audience and your businesses’ goals. To help create the right strategy for each client, Brandpoint will help develop a plan to highlight your organization’s key objectives, find insights into your target audiences, and come up with a plan to take advantage of your biggest content opportunities.


On the creation side, Brandpoint believes that a company’s content is so important that trust must be the number one factor in a relationship between a client and a content marketing company, especially in many of the highly-regulated industries they work in, such as the Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Technology spaces.


Finally, the distribution piece is the final phase of Brandpoint’s focus area. The content a company creates needs to go through the right channels and get in front of the right people or it was a waste of time and money. To ensure your content does this, Brandpoint has a content distribution network that includes, native advertising and sponsored content solutions, access to journalists, industry influencers, and traditional and online publications.


Why work with


They focus on growth

The entire point of creating great content is to help better your business and reach your growth goals. Brandpoint focuses on this type of growth for clients as well as career growth for employees to create better, more fulfilled teams.


They value innovation

Creativity, brainstorming and collaboration all are part of the Brandpoint process which helps come up with the innovative content solutions that their clients need.


They have a deep passion

The nuts and bolts of what Brandpoint does is important, but so is how the team feels about the work they do. This team has a deep passion for content marketing and how they go about their jobs.


They strive for client elation

Client satisfaction is what most companies strive for. At Brandpoint, they go a step further and try to provide incredible results in a way that meets and exceeds their client’s goals for total customer “elation.”


They respect clients

Building trust with their clients is a cornerstone of what the company does. The first step in building this trust is to show their clients and their industry the respect they deserve. This will create a relationship that grows into a true partnership.


They value quality of life

Doing good work isn’t about always working. Good employees are happy employees which is why Brandpoint encourages their workers to find the balance where they can be fulfilled at home and at the office. They find this creates the bets work atmosphere which translates to the best results for clients.


They have agility

The digital marketing space and the content creation world are always changing. Brandpoint has been flexing, pivoting and changing with the times since 1996.

Brandpoint has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.


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