Gravity labs is all about doing more with less. Their motto is “pivot or die”

Address: 363 W. Erie Street, Ste 600,Chicago, IL, 60654
Phone: 312-964-9910
Founded in
Ron Carlson
Top Clients
Borden, Dairy Farmers of America, Irvine Company, Ocean Spray, Transamerica
iOS and Android Mobile Design and Development


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Gravity Labs

Gravity Labs is focused on the new way of doing things in the new economy. They are a fast and agile company that focuses on pivoting to make things work for their clients. Their goal is to find a better way of doing things and they do this with a deep spirt of collaboration both in their teams and with their clients. “Further. Faster” is the company motto and their brand mission.


The company was founded in 2016, but the team brings decades of experience to the table.  From the executives to the project managers, the Gravity Labs team has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the business world from legacy giants to tech-heavy startups.

Focus areas for

Gravity Labs

Gravity labs is a young, fiercely independent, advertising agency that focuses on new ways of doing things. Although their concentration is on modern advertising, they provide a wide range of services that fits any area of advertising a company needs or even a holistic approach.


For companies looking for overarching advertising help, Gravity Labs provides full-service strategy, media buying, design, or public relations services. Additionally, they offer expertise in the most cutting-edge forms of advertising such as digital, mobile and social media advertising.


If your company like to take a more traditional approach, they have you covered there too. Gravity Labs can also provide help doing things in the old-school way that includes mediums like television and video, radio, print, and out of home advertising. They use their modern, agile approach to take on these more tried and tested areas of advertising as well.


Why work with


Creative and strategic momentum

Many agencies focus on trying to get everything just right before delivering a solution to a client. At Gravity Labs, they don’t let perfection get in the way of performance. Their core idea is to get solutions into the hands of clients fast to get feedback, test, and collaborate with clients in order to continue to innovate until the solution is just right.


Smaller teams

The more people involved in a project, the more opportunity there is for miscommunication and missed opportunities. Gravity Labs uses intentionally smaller teams with experienced people in order to provide better collaboration, create better relationships, and ultimately provide better results.


Deeper Collaboration

The teams at Gravity Labs isn’t guarded about sharing everything they do with their clients every step of the way. In order to create a true partnership, the company shows their work and solicits feedback from the early stages to not just create a more collaborative process but a faster one as well.


“Practical Strategy”

This is the company’s term for their “unique process for solving timely brand challenges with a powerful strategic bedrock all can understand and activate.” It comes down to the fact that they believe strategy should be simple and straightforward which also makes it faster.


“Emotional Logic”

Another patented Gravity Labs term, Emotional Logic helps you create a message that connects emotionally with your target audience. This is how people strongly engage with a brand and helps the company provide sticky results for the people you are trying to reach.


“Further, Faster”

The company tagline is more than just that, it’s their company’s brand mission. They want to take all the concepts above and use them to create results that help grow companies and build brands. Gravity Labs use these two words as pillars of their services. They vow to help companies grow beyond what they think is possible and do it faster than they ever expected.

Gravity Labs has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.
this year.


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