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Alannah Sandehl
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Amazon, Mayo Clinic, Lifeway Foods, Rotary International, Luxe Home, Black & Decker, Lamin-Art, DISH Network
Brand development, web, and mobile app development, and social media strategy.


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IDM Brand

IDM Brand

Founded in 2001, IDM is a full-service creative marketing agency rooted in innovation. They believe that great marketing isn’t just effective, it’s inspirational. That’s why they choose to work with transformative companies and brands that challenge the status quo. By amplifying clients’ visions, we all come closer to a better future. It’s how they make a difference for the clients, the team, and the world. 


For over 15 years, IDM has custom-designed compelling campaigns for leaders in the interior design, health and wellness, education, e-commerce, finance, and retail industries. IDM has been recognized with several industry awards for their work including The ADDY® Awards, The Interactive Media Awards™, W3 Awards, Summit Awards, Davey Awards, and more. 


Their approach blends creative and analytical strategies for campaigns that can supplement, enhance, or even replace your current marketing efforts. The imaginative team of talented writers, designers, and developers will bring your project from conception to actualization in one seamless, streamlined process.

Focus areas for

IDM Brand

IDM provides a wide range of digital marketing services for the health and wellness, education, e-commerce, finance, and retail industries. 


In the health and wellness industry, there is increasing emphasis on technology and increasing competition for consumers. IDM can help organizations of both levels with tech services such as web and mobile app development as well as brand development. 


Educational organizations that use social media as a communication, recruitment, and brand building tool not only set themselves apart from the crowd but also connect better with the younger generation they serve. 


The name of the game in e-commerce is traffic – bringing potential clients to your site. With website optimization, search engine marketing, and SEO from IDM, your traffic will go up and so will your sales. 


In the numbers-based world of finance, there can be little room for art and creativity. That is why IDM provides design, creative and art direction, copywriting, and more for financial firms looking to cut through the noise of the crowded marketplace. 

The retail world is all about trends and trendy people. IDM helps identify and spot trends as they are happening and connect retail brands with the right influencers who will reach your target.


Why work with

IDM Brand

A full-service purpose-driven marketing agency.

Both companies and consumers today are driven by a greater sense of purpose than ever before. Everyone wants to feel as though they’re part of something bigger and connect, grow, and make a difference. IDM focuses on making a positive impact and that purpose is at the heart of their approach to marketing. They believe this is essential to the growth, innovation, and success of all businesses.

Creating compelling stories to engage customers.

Brand marketing in 2020 is about storytelling more than anything else. Consumers connect with brands that tell a compelling story about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. This fosters long-term loyalty. 

Developing creative, smart, and simple solutions to help your brand win.

The same old stock marketing solutions don’t work in 2020. The ones that do are new, innovative, and tech-based yet simple enough so that they can be easily managed and replicated while delivering major ROI. 

Analyze data to measure ROI, optimize marketing effectiveness, and drive action.

Collecting and analyzing the data around marketing campaigns is vital in today’s market. Knowing what worked, what didn’t, and where the opportunities are will help you build a brand, not just market a business.

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