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In 1994, Imagination started as a one in-flight magazine with three employees in a loft above a Chicago pizza restaurant. In 2021, the company has a 45-plus-member team with strategists, journalists, creators and digital marketers who create content programs for both B2B and B2C companies. They’ve been named content marketing agency of the year and one of the most creative content agencies.


Imagination helps brands “put thought into leadership content for measurable results that matter.” They believe that what succeeded yesterday might not always work today and could not apply tomorrow. This idea makes them continue to push us to continually remain on the innovators in the content marketing space.

Focus areas for


Imagination has four pillars that they use to help business in different industries create content that helps them meet their business goals. The first is using content strategy to create plans that take a company’s objectives and turn them into an actionable strategic content plan.


Next is content creation. The goal of the work that Imagination does is to “change minds and inspire action with great content that resonates with your audience.” The company also provides content distribution. This service helps business connect with the right audiences through different channels and with different activation tactics. Finally, the company uses data to monitor content performance. This pillar assists clients in making confident decisions based on three important factors: visibility, engagement and authority.


Why work with


To become essential to your audience

Any good content strategy starts with an in-depth understanding of what your target audience wants and needs, and what their motivations and pain points are. This information will be the key factor that influences every decision a brand makes and will show you the way to best develop programs and start execution.


Use content to drive business success

Unless content strategies are aligned with your business goals, they will not be effective. That is why strategic planning is a critical first step of any content marketing program. What Imagination delivers is a strategy that perfectly fits with all your marketing pillars.


To Inspire action

 Great content doesn’t just tell a story or show off what you do. When done strategically, content should be authentic and influential and, most important of all, inspire action in your target audience.


To cut through the noise

In 2021, there is so much content out there. That’s why it is more important than ever to create content that stands out above the rest. This could come in the form of motion graphic videos, podcasts, infographics, tactile print magazines, or other channels that make sense for your business. However, it is delivered, it need to make an impact.


To reach your audiences where they are

 Imagination says that “Content in a vacuum is invisible.” This means that if you are not putting content in front of audiences where they spend their time, it will not be effective. Being able to do this comes from deliberate and strategic distribution plans.


To harness the power of analytics

 Content marketing has no value if you can’t prove its that it is reaching the intended target audience. This is why it is vital to measure the three key elements of content: visibility, engagement and authority. When you use analytics to do this, it makes it much easier to pivot, adjust, and identify opportunities when they present themselves.


To test & learn

Content marketing is never a straight line from A to B. It is about evaluating what works and what doesn’t and being agile enough to find the best path. That is why things like A/B testing that Imagination can help you with grow your content marketing program quickly. Finding out how the audience reacts and behaves is a key to finding new insight and making the most of new opportunities.

Imagination has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago” this year.


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