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Christian Ulbrich
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U.S Department of Energy, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, Bowling Green University
Full-service, global real estate services company


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Jones Lange LaSalle

Jones Lange LaSalle is here to create rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces around the globe where people can achieve their ambitions. In doing so, they are building a better tomorrow for their clients, their people, and their communities. JLL is a world leader in real estate services and they are powered by an entrepreneurial spirit.


The company wants the most ambitious clients to work with, and the most ambitious people to work for them. That’s why they buy, build, occupy and invest in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotel real estate. JLL works with all types of companies, from tech startups to global firms. Their rich client base spans industries including banking, energy, healthcare, law, life sciences, manufacturing, and technology.

Focus areas for

Jones Lange LaSalle

Jones Lange LaSalle offers five buckets of services for their global clientele. He first his helping companies find and lease space whether it is your first office, a place with room to grow, or a global location strategy. Next, they manage properties and portfolios. This includes going beyond just your standard cost and risk mitigation efforts. JLL also designs and delivers projects. This can mean breathing life into a new space or creating something from scratch that is right for your company.


Bucket four is investing in real estate. For anyone looking to uncover investment opportunities anywhere around the globe, JLL has you covered. Finally, the company can help you transform your organization with technology. These services help companies acquire, manage, operate, or experience a space better through the use of the latest tech.

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They help companies achieve their ambitions

At JLL, the entire company embraces the human side of business, which makes them better at delivering on the business side of business. Helping clients achieve ambitions is all about unlocking the potential within every individual, every client, and every company. This goal of helping the companies they work with achieve their ambitions is at the center of everything they do.


They shape the future of real estate for a better world

The company’s purpose remains steadfast now more than ever. As a global company, they have an inherent responsibility to drive sustainability, technology, and corporate social responsibility efforts.


The numbers speak for themselves

JLL is responsible for 4.6 billion square feet managed in property and facilities management, 37,500 leasing transactions, totaling 1.07B square feet leased. The people in the company have provided 97,957 hours spent volunteering in their local communities, made $5,325,935 in charitable contributions, and the company’s green initiatives have produced 239,749 metrics tons of CO2 conserved.


They think beyond

They are committed to helping their clients achieve their ambitions around the world. This means that whatever a client thinks is possible in their industry and in their current space, JLL will help you go beyond that and become the best company you can possibly be in the best space that fits your need and helps achieve your goals.


The three key beliefs

 These core values help shape the services that JLL provides and help deliver the ultimate goals of allowing clients to achieve their ambitions. These core beliefs are:


  • Teamwork: They share in order to succeed, turning nearly 92,000 individuals, and one team with common goals who share in mutual successes.
  • Ethics in all client business: They act honestly and responsibly and in the best interests of their clients. It’s a responsibility they take seriously, with a commitment to clear principles, a strong sense of decency, and the highest global standards.
  • Excellence – They strive to be exceptional in order to grow and do better for their clients and themselves. This is why JLL always seeks new and innovative ways to make ambitions happen.


They have an ambition for sustainability

 The company wants to make JLL a world-leading, sustainable professional services firm by creating spaces, buildings and cities where people can thrive. To accomplish this, JLL has a sustainability leadership ambition called “Building a Better Tomorrow.”

JLL has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Chicago this year.
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