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Address: 3250 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60625

Luna Park Daycare

Address: 3250 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60625


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Luna Park Daycare believes learning through play is the optimal way to stimulate and prepare children for learning. The program here gives children caring and secure relationships with their caregivers and teachers. Luna Park Daycare carefully prepares each child for a successful life through and after kindergarten.

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Every day at Luna Park Daycare is filled with thoughtfully designed activities built around monthly themes using a “Creative Curriculum.” The lesson plans provide children with age-appropriate activities, ensuring each child’s progress towards success.


Luna Park strives to give each child a quality early childhood learning program, providing each child with mentally stimulating learning opportunities and experiences, preparing them for their school years. The “Learning Through Play” program provides children with the support they need through all areas of their development.


Luna Park Daycare’s goal is to provide a caring, friendly environment where children can grow, explore, and gain self-confidence.

Moreover, Luna Park’s caring staff work to enhance and support every child’s social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. They assist the children in not only exploring the world around them, but also their own emotions and ideas. This prepares the children for their exciting next step, kindergarten, and K-12 schooling.


Luna Park Daycare offers programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


Infants are constantly growing and learning every day. Luna Park provides the little ones with a nurturing and safe home away from home where they can safely explore, making new and exciting discoveries. The staff talk with and engage your child, communicating both through words and gestures, telling stories, and singing songs. This helps to develop infants’ conversational skills. They also use picture books to build a baby’s association between words, sounds, and things.


The Luna Park staff respond to your baby with complete attention, sensitivity, and compassion, through not only words, but also facial expressions, and eye contact. They also use family photos to provide a feeling of continuity with your family and home, laying the foundation for your baby to develop trusting relationships.


Luna Park’s toddler care program helps toddlers to develop self-esteem, friendships, and curiosity, by helping them explore in a nurturing and safe environment. The early childhood curriculum is based on the idea that the best way to teach children is through hands-on experience. Every month the lessons focus on a single theme, filling every day with fun activities that help toddlers develop their self-confidence and develop both their cognitive and social skills. For example, they encourage pretending to role-play with props, and promote self-expression through music and art.


Pre-Kindergarten kids have gained self-confidence and are ready to take on the world. Luna Park’s Preschool curriculum builds on that self-confidence with activities that help three- to five-year-olds to become problem solvers as well as to develop a lifelong love of learning. They encourage using daily calendar activities, teaching the children about patterns, the sequence of events, and routines. This supports developing cognitive skills like counting, making predictions, and drawing conclusions.




Luna Park Daycare
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Kelly Reyna
Kelly Reyna
15:29 13 Feb 20
Luna Daycare is a great facility. From the beginning they are very welcoming and informative. They keep up with your child on a day to day basis from naps, to eating routines and also any other concerns. I’m very grateful to have found this facility. My son enjoys going there. The teachers are so caring and very dedicated to what they do. 🙂read more
Jessica Erickson
Jessica Erickson
02:03 13 Feb 20
We have been bringing our daughter to Luna Park since she was 3 months old (March 2017) and we have been thrilled with the care they have provided for our little one.All of the teachers that she has had are amazing. I can tell that they really love her and get excited when they see her. Many of the teachers have also become our go-to babysitters for date nights which is a huge plus. Our daughter is very verbal and has really good motor skills, so they moved her up into the big kid room when they saw she was ready instead of waiting for an age milestone. This has allowed her to remain challenged and focused. People stop me all the time and say how smart our daughter is, and I attribute a lot of it to the staff at Luna Park and the work they do with her.The facility and itself is very fun and kid-friendly. The play areas outside in the front and the back are really awesome and I love that they have safe places to play outside when the weather is nice. They do lots of fun activities like baking (which I was really surprised by!).We have never had any big safety incidents (a bumped head once or twice, but really that would happen anywhere) or problems with other kids, and I know that when my daughter had problems with hitting other kids, the teachers worked with us to help correct her behavior.We love Luna Park!read more
Susana Silva
Susana Silva
00:35 06 Feb 20
My daughter has been going to Luna Park since May of 2019 and we absolutely love it! After having some communication issues at our past in-home daycare, I drove past Luna Park everyday and decided to look into it. I wish I would have made the change sooner, we love all the teachers and it’s so great to see how well they get to know all the kids personalities. I feel re-assured everyday when I drop my daughter off that she is happy and safe, it’s a great more
Kelcie Duffy
Kelcie Duffy
13:07 20 Dec 19
My (now) 11 month old has been going here for a while and we absolutely love everything about it! He never screams at drop off because he loves his teachers so much and is so excited to see them. The environment is so clean, which was a huge factor in our decision making when picking a daycare. They provide the kids home cooked meals that they truly enjoy. I can’t recommend them highly enough!read more
Abrianna Cummings
Abrianna Cummings
22:20 16 Dec 19
Ms. Leah is a life saver. After contacting several other childcare facilities in 2017, Luna Park was able to accept my son Bradley (currently 4) into their program the following Monday. I was then a student at NEIU and needed childcare immediately as my courses were beginning the following Monday. The process was seamless all thanks to Ms. Leah and Ms.Kathy. Bradley has had the opportunity to build so many relationships with the other kids at the facility. Luna Park has had a large positive impact on his development. I am confident he will excel in kindergarten as he graduates from their program. Ms. Edith was Bradley’s teacher then and moved on to become his sister Aria’s teacher. The kid’s have built a special bond with both Ms.Edith and Ms. Kathy as they give them familial style nurturing while maintaining a structured environment. Ms. Yen also plays a large role in Bradley’s current day to day. She opens the facility later in the week and ensures the kids are actively learning educational materials. I highly recommend Luna Park to all families. I have entrusted them to care for both my children and am confident in their abilities to provide critical developmental tools the kids can use there and more
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