Newmark doesn’t just adapt to what their partners need – they adapt to what the future demands.

Address: 500 W Monroe St Suite 2900, Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: 312-698-6700
Founded in
John H. Stewart
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Rexford Industrial, AppsFlyer, Wilson Sporting Goods, Equus Capital Partners, TriMark USA
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Newmark Knight Frank

Since 1929, Newmark Knight Frank, commonly referred to as simply Newmark, has faced forward, predicting change and pioneering ideas. Almost a century after their founding, the same strategic sense and audacious thinking still guide the company’s approach. Today Newmark’s integrated platform delivers seamlessly connected services tailored to every type of client, from owners to occupiers, investors to founders, and growing startups to leading companies.

The company taps into smart tech and even smarter people. Newmark brings ingenuity to every exchange and transparency to every relationship. They think outside of boxes, buildings and business lines, delivering a global perspective and a nimble approach. From reimagining spaces to engineering solutions, they have the vision to see what’s next and the tenacity to get there first.

Focus areas for

Newmark Knight Frank

Newmark is a full-service commercial real estate advising company that works with every type of client in the real estate business, from owners to occupiers, investors to founders, and growing startups to leading companies. They offer a wide range of services and have niche specialties within each to meet each client’s specific needs. Some of their main baskets of services include capital markets (equipping clients for the future with dynamic thinking and unique insight into rapidly evolving market trends), global corporate services (an integrated global platform that provides seamless, beginning-to-end corporate services solutions to clients around the world), and industrial and logistics services (providing comprehensive real estate services and consulting specifically tailored to an industrial asset’s life cycle).


The company also has many other services to get clients where they need to go whether that is a company just starting out or one that needs to grow on a massive scale. These additional services include both tenant and landlord representation, property management, retail services, valuation and advisory, and more.

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Newmark Night Frank


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Newmark Knight Frank

They join forces

Where other companies tend to divide and conquer, Newmark put its heads together. They love to collaborate to compete and solve problems creatively.


They stay nimble

Things change fast in the real estate world. That’s why Newmark is always ready to pivot and adapt. They pride themselves on making smart, sound decisions, and they make them fast.


They are a company made up of humans

Every choice Newmark makes is by people and about people. They arm themselves with the best information, and then act in the best interests of clients and their world-class team.


They always face forward

As a company, Newmark is more concerned with what’s next than what’s now. Never content to rest on our laurels, Newmark is always thinking about fresh challenges and future opportunities.


They are an experienced company that has done big business

The company was been around for over 90 years and, in that almost-century, Newmark has grown to become one of the biggest and most important real estate companies in the world. The company has $1.9 billion in annual revenues and $71.7 billion in capital markets volume.  


Integrated platform help clients succeed

Their integrated platform gives clients a single source for all their real estate needs, with an emphasis on anticipating the future. This helps companies grow and allows them to meet challenges when they come, not after they already take a toll on the business.

Newmark  has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Chicago this year.
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