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Address: 566 W Adams, Suite 550,Chicago, Illinois, 60661
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Josh Inglis
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Propllr is a marketing and public relations company that specializes in helping startups and younger companies around the world. Their goal is to help these fledgling organizations build credibility and awareness around the products and services they offer. The company, founded in 2011, is based in Chicago. However, Propllr doesn’t just serve the Windy City, they help startups in places like New York, San Francisco, Boston and even Stockholm, Sweden.


The company’s stated goals is “to be an irreplaceable partner to our clients and integral to their business success.” They are all about helping companies experience growth and find that aiding in that process is the biggest reward they can get. They want to help companies grow in all areas, including revenues, profitability, and reputation. This boutique PR firm provides its clients – whether that client is a brand new start-up or an innovative division of big corporation – with a high-level of attention, service, and a wealth of industry expertise/

Focus areas for


Propllr has a very specific focus on startups and innovative growth companies. In their history, they’ve worked with over 100 startups in 20 cities and helped raise over $1.5 billion in funding and exits. They bill themselves as “a different kind of agency team,” where there are no band of generalists, just the right people in the right roles who help Propllr “dominate.”


When working with these startups, Propllr has three main focus areas. The first is media relations. They will make sure your company gets the opportunity so deliver the message you want to deliver and do it in front of the right audience. Second, they focus on content marketing, from creating the best content that gets your brand right and developing calendars to make sure the content covers all the bases. Third, they help with overall client success where they take care of started alignment, programming, and day-to-day communications.


They help you win the spotlight

Your startup deserves its time in the spotlight and Propllr will help you get there. Time in the spotlight means that your company, people, and products get shown off in media outlets that your target audience knows and trusts.


They help you control the narrative

Successful startups gain their hard-earned success by becoming industry thought leaders. Propllr will help this process along by getting contributed articles, Q&As, and expert source quotes out there in the media on the big picture and trending industry topics.


They help you be your industry’s source of truth

In addition to thought leadership content, another way for startups to demonstrate expertise is by presenting the most relevant and topical data in the industry. This data helps other companies in your space or customers make data-driven decisions and they’ll have your company to thank for that.


They help you earn the recognition you deserve

To be recognized as a top company in an industry, a company needs to win awards. Propllr helps new and growing businesses get the awards that raise a the profile of a company, a team, a technology, or a product or service.


They help you speak to engaged, motivated audiences

 Meeting your target audience where they are is a key to engaging your core clientele and gaining new business. To do this, Propllr helps put you and your message on the best and most appealing modern platforms to do this such as from podcasts, webinars, and conferences. This will put your message in front of consumers ready to take action.


They help you get your voice heard

A company selling its own message is one thing, but when they can create expert brand ambassadors who do the selling for them, that’s when transformational growth can happen. Propllr helps startups share their insights in one-on-one interactions with the leading experts and analysts who your target audience seeks out for advice.

Propllr has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.


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