Symbiont Group helps build better flexible sales and marketing campaigns rooted in proven methodology.

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Davin Gallego and Jon Borg-Breen
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Bridgline Digital, Valtech, Kensium
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Symbiont Group

Symbiont Group is a sales and marketing agency that works exclusively with B2B companies. The services they provide help these companies “target, connect, engage, retain, reactivate and sell MORE.”


The agency takes into account its business partners needs and goals in order to define exactly what a client needs. They then create flexible sales and marketing campaigns to that are easy to implement and understand. These campaigns are also created using a time-tested methodology that Symbiont Group has used with great success in the past. They believe that this way of doing things cerates sales and marketing campaigns that “work as hard (and as smart) as you do.”

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Symbiont Group

Symbiont Group focuses on five major areas where a B2B company might need help with marketing and sale campaigns. They break these areas down into buzzwords such as boost, start, grow, build, and discover.


Boost is laying the groundwork for success. It involves building brand awareness, creating a sales pipeline and establish connections within a given industry allowing a company to generate prospects and qualify leads. Start is all about overcoming execution obstacles and putting plans into motions. It takes sales and marketing ideas from strategy to implementation.


Grow is for comoanies that have plateaued in their sales and markting effforts These services will help identify better or new target markets and go after them to start growing again. Build also helps with growth, but it takes a foundation of sales and marketing and uses data to keep improving on it.


Finally, Discover is the ability that Symbiont Group has to help companies with research and target audience data that will help create new opportunities for a business.

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Symbiont Group


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Strategy vs. actionable strategy

You can have all the strategy in the world but if you don’t have a plan or the ability to put that plan into action, it is all for naught. Symbiont Group provides B2B businesses with the tools to create actionable strategies and then go out and execute them.


The space between pretty and pretty smart

Every company wants their sales and marketing efforts to look good and impressive to clients. However, too many companies produce things such as branded materials, websites, and content that looks good but that doesn’t provide the substance that clients are looking for. Symbiont Group will provide these slick. Glossy solutions but, at the same time, make sure they have “the brains and substance to back it up.”


Regular tech vs. tech that delivers

Technology is an absolute necessity in the 21st century but the Symbiont Group understands that it is also a very pricey investment. Because of that, companies need to get the most out of their expensive technology and the Symbiont Group will help you do that. They can help install your technology, set it up, and integrate it into your current business processes. They can even train you and your team how to use it so your investment never goes to waste.


Working vs. knowing what works

There are plenty of companies out there that can set up sales and marketing campaigns for your company but just setting it up is like giving someone a fish vs. teaching them how to fish. Symbiont Group has the ability and expertise to set up effective campaigns but will also share with your company the “hows” and the “whys” of what they are doing. This type of partner will not only create great results in the short-term, but set your B2B company up for long-term success as well.

Symbiont Group has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.


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