Digital Authority Partners (DAP) is a digital strategy and product development agency that helps companies build digital products and experiences that make a difference.sass

Address: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #12122,Chicago, IL 606544000
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Codrin Arsenes
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Athenahealth, Omron, Dolbi, Fortinet, Kroger, Business Talent Group, American Heart Association.
Digital strategy, user experience design, analytics, and development.


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The company’s main industries are healthcare, financial technologies, and government.


DAP’s experienced team of product managers, developers, designers, analysts and marketers guide businesses on how to implement voice technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality to slash their operational costs and boost ROI. The agency’s CEO, Codrin Arsene, has extensive experience helping Fortune 500 companies achieve their full potential through complex digital strategy initiatives.


Codrin Arsene is on a quest to revolutionize healthcare from within. As a result, in 2018, DAP launched, a news website dedicated to executives in the private and public sectors who aspire to digitally transform the industry.ds

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Digital Authority Partners

DAP focuses on three of the industries that tend to move most slowly into the future—healthcare, government, and financial institutions.


Healthcare is ground-zero for some of the most groundbreaking tech developments—not just new drugs and medical devices, but entire reimaginings of how doctors interact with patients and how patients keep track of their own health. AI, VR, IoT, Big Data, and other key technologies portend big changes to the healthcare industry.


In the governmental sector, while tradition dictates judges wear robes and legislatures drop paper ballots into wooden boxes, innovation is advancing. Blockchain, AI, and other leading technologies have a key role to play in secure, transparent governmental operations and regulatory compliance.


The financial sector has also been slow to change, but a whole sector of the tech industry, “fintech,” seeks to drag the industry into the future with Blockchain smart contracts, Big Data AI, and advances in cybersecurity to create trust in transactions.


DAP is at the center of these revolutions, helping thought leaders guide the conversation about the technological future of bedrock institutions.

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Harness Data to Drive Revenue.

AthenaHealth makesaz Epocrates, the #1 physician’s app with a user base of 2 million. When usage and revenue began to drop, AthenaHealth recruited DAP to strategize solutions. After identifying data streams the company was neglecting and beefing up the Epocrates analytics strategy, DAP was able to produce a 140% increase in revenue from Epocrates.s

Design Transformational Digital Experiences.

DAP’s signature digital experiences include a voice narration app for Dolby that generated 100k downloads in one month; creating one of the most user-friendly credit card management apps for CreditShop; creating a gamified app for cycling giant Huffy; and creating an omni-channel, smartwatch-friendly app for Omron, creator of the first FDA-approved home blood pressure monitor.

Drive Search Traffic.

Search engine optimization is critical across multiple industries, particularly e-commerce and content marketing. DAP is a leader in practical SEO, identifying high-converting keywords to optimize for and deliver top search rankings within those keywords.

ADA-Compliant Accessible Web Experiences.

Recent court rulings have established ADA-accessibility as a mandate–not an option–for many companies and organizations. Digital Authority Partners has retrofitted multiple digital platforms, like ClearGov, to increase text contrast, add closed captioning to videos, add descriptive picture alt tags, and link anchor text for use by screen readers.

Digital Authority Partners has been named one of Cool Things Chicago’s Best Content Marketing Agencies in Chicago this year.
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