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Address: 1127 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

The Goddard School

Address: 1127 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


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The Goddard School is a nationally acclaimed preschool and daycare service, where your child will enjoy learning. The Goddard School uses cutting edge, academically endorsed teaching methods to ensure that your child has fun while learning the skills needed for long-term success, taught by experienced professionals.

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In 1988, Anthony A. Martino launched The Goddard School preschool franchise, with the goal of delivering a high-quality, play-based preschool learning program all over the country. Since that modest beginning, now enrolling more than 70,000 children in 38 states, The Goddard School has evolved into an institution that families know and trust.


Goddard Schools use the most up-to-date, academically supported methods, while ensuring that the children have fun while learning. The skills taught at the Goddard School give children the skills they need for long-term success, both in school and in life.


The Goddard School’s Educational Advisory Board is a well-educated group of academics, researchers, and child development experts. The latest developments in early childhood learning, brain development, parenting, health, and nutrition are included in the curriculum, shaping the play-based learning program. By putting the latest research into action, Goddard empowers children for school readiness, leading to a successful career and life.


Goddard uses F.L.EX. Learning Program to instill these core values:


Exploration and Play: Children learn best by doing, which includes working on projects, playing, and experiencing the daily challenges of life.


Diverse Skills: The curriculum balances academic pursuits with free play, life skills, as well as sports and hobbies.


Personal Empowerment: Children are encouraged to make their own decisions, explore their own interests, and most importantly, how to bounce back from failure; dealing with failure is vital to developing character, integrity, social skills, emotional intelligence, and executive function.


21st Century Skills: Emphasis is placed on both academics and developing cognitive skills. This includes critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and executive functions, helping children learn to succeed in a variety of environments.


Literacy and STEAM: The children are taught literacy, science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, so that the children are familiar and engaged with these subjects.


Individualization: The teachers meet each child’s individual needs by modifying the curriculum to the developmental level of each child.


Outdoor Play Time: Balancing classroom lessons with outdoor play in the facilities two playgrounds, the children enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, sunshine, and nature.

Risk and Failure: The children are allowed to safely face risk and overcome failure, developing resilience, self-confidence, self-awareness, and a sense of determination.


The classrooms at the Goddard School are divided into six age groups: infants, toddlers, preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, and school-age. Each age group is not only presented with educational opportunities, but also is emotionally cared for and nurtured by the staff.


Parents can rest assured that the Goddard School encourages healthy eating habits, and takes the steps to address any food allergies a child might have. The foods served are free from dyes, allergens, and food additives.




Andrea Ellis
Andrea Ellis
04:18 06 Nov 20
We have had such a great experience at Goddard. We enrolled our child at Goddard when he was 1.5 years old. He was new to being in a daycare environment, among other kids and teachers. Everyone has been incredibly loving and patient with our son. Jason (owner) and his entire team are hardworking, kind, and very responsive to all parents’ communications. The best part is a daily email summary we receive talking about the many activities our child did that day, along with many photos and videos. Highly recommend Goddard to everyone!read more
Joanna Dockrey
Joanna Dockrey
02:36 28 Aug 20
The Goddard became our extended family! My 2 boys attended the Goddard School in Lincoln Park for 2 years – our oldest started at 4 years old & the youngest at 1 year. The oldest went through the PreK and Junior Kinder program, while the little guy went through his progression of toddler classes. Every single teacher felt like family. Each one really cared for my boys, whether it was extra hugs at a sad drop off or highlighting areas of concern in terms of speech delays. The classrooms are huge, well lit, and extremely clean. The owner & directors are incredibly responsive to any question or concern that pops up – email response times were better than any corporate environment I’ve been in! We have since moved on to Kindergarten, but we will always keep in touch with our Goddard family. I could not recommend them enough if you are looking for high quality child care & education for your babies!read more
David Cades
David Cades
14:42 24 Aug 20
We just finished 5 years at the Goddard School of Lincoln Park. My 5 1/2 year old was there since she was 6-weeks old and my 3 1/2 year old was also there since he was 6-weeks old. We only left because we moved out of town. I cannot share enough praise for this institution. Goddard was less of a school/daycare and more an extension of our family. Jason, Lauren and the entire front office staff are compassionate, attentive, responsive and caring. That sentiment was contagious and it was clear that the teachers truly cared about my kids. Beyond all of that, what was most impressive was the growth and learning we saw in the kids. My daughter just started her first day of kindergarten today and I know she is going to do great in large part because of the knowledge and skill base she gained at Goddard. We will miss the school dearly and I hope that for anyone who reads this you get to also have the wonderful experiences we did!read more
Raphaela Vondrachek
Raphaela Vondrachek
00:03 05 Mar 19
Our daughter was enrolled at Goddard and we will put our younger one on the waitlist. Goddard is an amazing school with wonderful, caring, energetic and nurturing teachers. The director truly cares for his students and the families and makes sure everyone is happy, well cared for and thriving.The classrooms are bright, warm, happy places and the curriculum is both fun and stimulating. We’re very impressed by how much they taught our daughter and how much she has grown during her time at Goddard. Thank you!read more
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith
15:00 01 Aug 17
Our child attended Goddard for 9 months (until we relocated outside of IL). Our high expectations were met while she was part of two age- appropriate classrooms. We were very pleased with our child’s experience! The children are well cared for – they learn to grow as individuals, as well as socially with others in a classroom environment. Teachers provide organized activities and free play and with that, the children learn so much. They acquire life skills, confidence, the list goes on. We felt the teachers and staff truly care. It was such a positive experience in our daughter’s life – she loved her teachers and was quite fond of her classmates. We reviewed the Tadpole videos/photos every day together. The app allows parents to get a glimpse into their day. It is a fantastic way to be involved and be able to chat about the day with your child. All in all, this is what we expect in a school, and we feel Goddard strives and works hard to achieve this as their more
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