Mabbly is a strategic digital agency powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology.

Address: 116 W Hubbard St #2,Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-448-7473
Founded in
Adam Fridman
Top Clients
Northwestern University, Microsoft, Limitless Coffee & Tea, SPR.
Brand identity, UX/Design, and development, search engine marketing, digital advertising, public relations, video production.


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“Mabbly” is actually an acronym. It stands for “Modern Agency Borne By Loving You.” If that sounds a little touchy-feely, remember that the name was brainstormed when Mabbly was just a mom-and-pop SEO firm. It was informed by the founders’ love for their families and children, and their bonds to each other as digital entrepreneurs and partners. If you want to partner with “purpose-driven” brands that have strong corporate values, Mabbly walks the talk.

It’s what propelled them from humble beginnings to serving an impressive clientele—including University of Chicago, Microsoft, and 21st Century Fox—with the efforts of a team of over 30 industry professionals, or as they call it, the Mabbly “tribe.” Mabbly’s corporate culture game is on-point, and job satisfaction among the tribe runs high. Even if their resume weren’t as strong as it is, Mabbly would win the prize for morale.

Tribal loyalty aside, Mabbly gets results. In keeping with their person-centered corporate culture, their credo is to foster “human connection through digital experiences.” While the data suggests a direction, the real job of a digital marketing agency, according to Mabbly, is to facilitate that “meeting of the minds.” Mabbly helps clients bridge the gap between business and customer; its client companies grow, revenues increase, meaningful partnerships and brand relationships flourish. Ready to feel the love yet? 

Focus areas for


More so than a specific industry focus, Mabbly puts the focus on the human element of what is often reduced to a data-driven industry. Their data-driven strategies focus on the fact that there are actual people behind those data points. Their approach is “humans designing for humans.” 

This approach applies to:

  • Strategy. Brand strategy, growth strategy, digital strategy, culture strategy, channel strategy, market research, quantitative analysis.
  • Design. Branding, brand websites, product design, e-commerce platforms, UI/UX optimization, video production.
  • Digital Marketing. Organic search engine optimization, paid search SEM, brand campaigns, digital optimization, social content management, WordPress development, custom app development. 


The best reason to work with Mabbly is to harness the energy of the Mabbly tribe to make great things happen. Mabbly clients want a personal touch—both in their relationship with their marketing contractors and in their relationship with their customers. 

Mabbly is an especially good choice for companies that want to establish or revamp their brand purpose and their corporate culture. Customers want to know what a brand stands for, not just the value it offers. Mabbly leads the way in this, and their own example informs their heartfelt approach to growing brands through commitment to a mission, not just a commitment to a bottom line.

Make no mistake, though—Mabbly isn’t just about the good feels. This approach is all in the service of brand growth. This means cross-functional decisions and strategies do drive market share and revenue growth. It’s why Microsoft chose Mabbly to help the launch of its Civic Engagement platform, propelling it to strong thought-leader recognition and over 2 million Twitter views. 


It’s why the team behind mortgage startup Safe Rate came to Mabbly with the deliciously simple brief “We have an idea … now we need a company” to implement that idea. 

It’s why local beverage company Limitless Coffee & Tea came to Mabbly to launch their national brand strategy, building a message around “clean beans” and ultimately landing on shelves nationwide at a little store called Walmart.

The proof is in the pudding, and the tribe gets the job done.


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