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Best 7 Wedding Decor Companies in Chicago

Looking to get hitched? Here are the best wedding decor companies in Chicago who will make the day extra special.

What is wedding decor?

As a couple, it’s wise to ensure you have thought of every detail of the big day, including the wedding décor. No wedding is ever complete without gorgeous and beautifully-arranged decorations.

Wedding décor refers to an assortment of embellishments, accents, and other ornamental pieces used to decorate the wedding ceremony and reception area. They are crucial because they set the tone, ambiance, and style of the wedding. The right wedding décor has the ornate power to accentuate both the ceremony and venue, giving them the appeal that befits the occasion.

If done correctly, it’s usually the most stand-out attraction of the special occasion, aside from the bride, of course. No matter how simple they may be, your wedding décors should help turn your venue into a slice of heaven that your guests won’t forget for years to come.

Wedding décor goes beyond flower arrangements; they include a variety of other decorative and functional elements like aisle runners, garland, pew bows, place cards, monograms, table linens, and compote, just to name a few.

The truth is, you don’t have to decorate every nook & cranny to make your venue and wedding stand out. You should focus on the basic types of wedding décor:

  • Wedding ceremony decorations, such as arbors for an outdoor ceremony, aisle markers, altar arrangements, columns, etc.
  • Signage, including menu cards, motif, place cards, chalkboard signage, card box, calligraphy, and so on
  • Wedding table decors, such as table runner, tablescape, swagging, goblet, flute, China, and even flatware
  • Centerpieces like planter, vases, geode, compote, and topiary.
  • Reception seating decorations that include sweetheart table, newlywed chairs, lounge, and chair covers, amongst other décor elements
  • Wedding backdrops – These are designed to create a picturesque background for your wedding photography and videography. They also set the mood for the wedding. Here, you’ll find hanging florals, ombre, beautiful balloons, chevron, and bunting banners.
  • Wedding lighting and candles – Nothing sets the ambiance for a wedding quite like candles and romantic lighting. You can opt for floating candles, lantern, string lights, marquee light, Gobo, chandeliers, candelabra, or votive

Now, wedding décor doesn’t just magically appear. It calls for a lot of deliberate planning, thoughtful preparation, and creative execution. Whether you’re planning an intimate backyard affair, a banquet ceremony, or a full-on extravaganza, decorating the venue involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why you are better off hiring the best wedding décor company in Chicago to take care of every detail and make your big day a success.

Why do I need a company to handle my wedding decor?

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. To make that happen, there are many pieces of the puzzle that must fall in place. From the decorations to catering to music, everything needs to be executed impeccably. But when it comes to the wedding décor, it’s the little details that make the most impact.

That’s where wedding décor companies in Chicago come into the picture. They will leverage their creativity, connection, and expertise to transform the venue into an unforgettable wedding. A good decorator will work with you to bring your vision of a picture-perfect wedding to life on your big day.

Generally, you’ll need a company to take care of your wedding décor in the following situations:

When you’re in a time crunch: It’s funny how your wedding date creeps up on you. It seems like yesterday when you picked the date 8 months ago. Well, let’s face it; a wedding is no small affair, and it requires a ton of preparation and attention to detail to make your special day a success.

It’s not always possible for the bride and groom to handle every aspect of the wedding. If you’re in a time crunch, it makes sense to hire a great wedding décor company in Chicago. The pro decorators will do all of the heavy-lifting so you can focus on your salon appointments, entertain out-of-town guests, and whatnot.

If you are planning a large wedding: Decorating a venue for less than 50 guests may be within your reach. However, you will need to hire professional decorations if you wish to decorate a large venue or host many guests.

You feel that your wedding theme is too complex or sophisticated: Wedding decorators know their stuff. They know what works for every wedding style. Depending on your wedding vision, they will add a little (or a lot of) flair to your big day with appropriate flower arrangements and other styling elements.

There are plenty of other reasons to hire a company to address your wedding decoration needs. This is even more important if you’re planning a destination wedding.

How can good wedding decor improve my wedding?

Great wedding décor makes things happen. Every unforgettable moment of your big day certainly has a décor element in it. Wedding decorations not only set the right mood and atmosphere but can also liven up the whole occasion.

Good wedding décor makes long-lasting impressions. From the petals spread on the aisle to the arbor and calligraphy on the name tags, every bit of the wedding décor can help make a lasting impression. If it’s done wrongly, that will be a bad impression that will haunt you for years.

You have probably heard horror wedding stories that involve décor. You know the misplaced chocolate fountain, the weird flower arrangement, or “dirty” plate patterns that made guests nearly vomit. Good wedding décor is a powerful tool that can make your special occasion glamorous and memorable.

Some elements of wedding décor can also double up as wedding favors. Some creative wedding decor companies in Chicago incorporate nicely-packaged chocolate, candy, wine, engraved cutlery, beautiful name tags, and other special items that guests can take home as wedding favors.

It helps set the wedding theme and atmosphere. Themed weddings are all the rage among couples in the Windy City. From Disney Princess to barn and nautical weddings, the perfect décor is part of the thematic elements that can be used to set the tone and ambiance of the special occasion. Choosing the right décor will help make the theme look and feel more thought out, seamless, and coherent.

It adds the finishing touches to the big day. Just like the bridal gown is not complete with the right pair of earrings, necklace, and other accessories, wedding décor is needed to add the final touch to the venue. No matter what style or theme you are gunning for, the décor will lend it a more polished, stylish, and sophisticated appeal.

How should my wedding decoration look?

That’s totally up to you. The decorators are there to help transform your wedding vision into reality. Just tell the wedding décor company your dreams and desires, and they will make it happen. They’ll likely consider your wedding style, venue, and theme to magic up the perfect wedding.

Will my guests notice my wedding decor?

Most certainly yes.

There are many things that guests will likely not pay attention to about your wedding — for instance, the ceremony program, the invitations, and the table linens, but the wedding décor isn’t one of them. In fact, at least 42 percent of guests say they care about the wedding décor, according to a recent WeddingWire study.

The impression your wedding décor will leave, however, will depend on its execution. That’s why it’s best to work with one of the best wedding décor companies in Chicago to design and create on-point decorations with a cohesive wedding style and color scheme.

Do they handle all the logistics?

Yes, they may offer several different packages, but they’ll take care of all work on venue setup and decoration. They will set up your wedding décor, whether it’s flowers, table centerpieces, or lighting.

What’s more, wedding décor companies usually work with the planner to make sure all of the décor elements are correctly set up and ready for the big day.

How can I find a good wedding decor company?

– Check this list

We’ve gone above and beyond to curate a list of the best wedding décor companies in Chicago. They’re thoroughly vetted, highly experienced, and above all, have been tried, tested & found to be the crème de la crème of the Chicago wedding décor scene.

How did we create this list? We looked at hundreds of wedding décor companies serving the Second City. From here, we narrowed the options down by checking how each candidate stacks up based on the following factors:

  • Reputations – is the company well-known and respected in this field? We not only checked their portfolios but also talked to their past clients to establish their track record. No decorator is perfect, but there’s no spot on this list for any company with a clear trail of complaints and negative reviews
  • Organizational skills – are their decorators well-known for being organized and attentive to detail? Professional wedding decorators must be meticulous and thorough, lest they spoil your big day. We selected only decorators with attention to detail and the ability to turn even some of your littlest ideas into a dreamy wedding.
  • Customer service – We all want a company that values and respects our business. That’s why we picked only décor companies that focus on customer satisfaction every step of the way. They should be responsive, professional, and friendly, as well as able to communicate effectively and constantly, so you can easily keep track of the progress.
  • All-in-one package – We gave priority to décor companies that belong to a network of wedding vendors. That’s because they are able to coordinate properly to make your wedding a big success.
  • Passion for creativity – When you pick a wedding décor firm, you want to be sure that they truly love what they do. The best decorators exude a deep passion and love for their profession. Someone with a true passion for their job is highly likely to leverage their creativity, experience, and skills to create a wedding of your dreams.
  • Trustworthiness and reliability – It goes without saying that the wedding décor company of your choice should be punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. They should make it to the venue on time, use genuine decorations, and deliver work of unquestionable quality. The last thing you want is a decorator that will disappear on you at the last minute.

– Read more reviews

The best wedding décor companies in Chicago are super organized, responsive, and reliable, but above all else, they should be trustworthy. After all, this is a company that will entrust with the most important aspect of the special occasion.

For this reason, you need to read more reviews to get the complete picture. This strategy can be worthwhile, as long as you are checking a trustworthy website with plenty of unbiased reviews. One thing you should keep in mind is that weddings are super emotional and personal, so don’t get too hung on bad reviews or complaints that appear to come from an emotional place.

When reading reviews, pay attention to important key-phrases like creative, responsive, organized, attention to detail, and great communicator.

As part of your research, don’t forget to ask your friends, coworkers, and relatives for their recommendations. Someone you trust may have worked with one of the companies on this list and they can attest to their prowess. If you have already scored an excellent venue, you can also ask for their recommendations. They usually have a list of preferred wedding vendors they have a close-knit relationship with.

– Look at their sites and what they offer

Go through their websites and check what kind of packages they offer. Do they handle all of the logistics? Do they do post-event cleanup? While there, make sure to read testimonials and check out their portfolios. Regular engagement with clients on the site is usually a sign of a responsive and reliable company.

– Ask your friends

You probably have a couple of friends who are already married. They are often an excellent resource in your hunt for the best wedding décor company. Talk to them about what they thought of their wedding decorators and try to pick the perfect company based on their thoughts and recommendations.

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