7 Best Healthcare Consultancy Firms Chicago

Healthcare consulting firms in Chicago are made up of teams of industry experts who work closely with executives from healthcare organizations throughout the US to digitize their workflows, improve the patient experience and reduce operational costs. Their role is to provide guidance and take action to help a health organization achieve their goals within a set period of time.


As of 2015, the healthcare consultancy industry was worth $8.7bn. This grew by 9% from 2014, and is said to have been largely because of digitalization, demographic changes, and ongoing transformation in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.


It’s also thought that the pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency while improving the quantity and quality of care put more pressure on healthcare organizations, leading to more of them reaching out to consultancy firms to help them find the best way forwards.


If you are looking for this guidance, or want to help improve your healthcare organization but don’t know which healthcare consultancy firm in Chicago you should choose, then look no further.


This list is made up of the top 7 Healthcare consulting firms in Chicago, based on research into their vision, area of expertise  and the clients they have already previously supported.

1 Navigant Consulting
Navigant consulting is a firm that works with healthcare organizations to help them take control of their future. Comprising of specialist teams that have many years of experience in the field, they apply this to every project they do, alongside foresight and expertise, in order to pinpoint emerging opportunities.
Top Clients: 300 health systems, including 11 of 15 “Honor Roll Hospitals”
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Performance Improvement, Business Process Outsourcing, Risk and Regulatory Compliance, Financial Analysis
2 Huron Consulting
Huron Consultancy is a healthcare consultancy firm operating globally, with offices in Chicago. They focus largely on helping their clients drive growth to their healthcare organizations by analysing analytics to create effective strategies that help said business reach their goals.
Top Clients: Allegiance Health, HealthEast Care System, UCLA Health System
Expertise: Business Advisory, Enterprise Solutions & Analytics, Technology
Unlike some of the other healthcare consultancy firms on our list, RSM focus specifically on the complex financial and accounting issues that many healthcare organizations face. With an expert team of specialists who have vast experience in the financial sector of healthcare, and plenty of resources to support them, they help organizations address industry challenges in a straightforward, distinct manner.
Clients: Hospitals, Physician Groups, Human Services Agencies
Expertise: Financial Services, Technology Solutions
4 Cannon Design
Cannon Design is a healthcare consultancy firm that has a number of different specialities within their team, all working together to help solve their client’s greatest challenges. Fostering a high-level of multidisciplinary thinking, their teams assess the healthcare organizations situation from all angles to identify opportunities to improve and remain unique rather than confirm with the rest of the industry.
Top Clients: Jacobs Medical Center, The University Of Kansas Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Expertise: Design, Engineering, Strategy Planning
5 West Monroe Partners
West Monroe Partners is a consultancy firm made up of a team of business savvy and technical experts. Together, they work to achieve sustainable success for healthcare companies that continues to see results years down the line. Their team of experts is driven by opportunities to contribute and make a difference to healthcare companies across the US.
Clients: Dentists, Healthcare executives, Hospitals
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Health Plans, Health Systems, Technology Improvements
6 Prism Healthcare Partners
Prism Healthcare Partners are a healthcare consultancy firm that understands the need for individualized solutions to the complex challenges many organizations face today. A team of industry experts, Prism works with their clients to tailor solutions to your healthcare organization’s unique needs and preferences.
Top Clients: UW Health, HSHS St. John’s, Cortland Regional Medical Center
Expertise: Cost Reduction, Revenue Improvement, Clinical Transformation
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