Carmen D. Caruso

77 West Washington Street suite 1900 Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312 626 1160


Founded: 2010

Principal: Carmen D. Caruso

Expertise: Business & Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Dispute Regulation

If you’re looking for a law firm in Chicago who are used to trying cases in a courtroom, Carmen D. Caruso is the place for you. Frequently called out for advice or representation by other lawyers in Chicago and nationally, they will approach every legal problem you present them with on the assumption that they will try the case in front of a jury, judge or arbitrator. This allows you to follow the process from start to finish and be informed throughout the process by an attorney who understands the ins and out of the law.

This establishment are nationally recognized for their success in franchise and dealership cases are often called in to serve as lead counsel in cases with more than $10 million in controversy. They do take on smaller clients, too, and promise to provide every client with the same due care and attention, regardless of the size of their legal issue.

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