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Chicago Theatre

175 N State St Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (312) 462-6300


Opened: 1921

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Indie

The Chicago Theatre, best known for its iconic marquee from its days as a French baroque-style movie palace, has been renovated to cater for a number of modern-day performances throughout the year. With one of the largest capacities of all music venues in Chicago at 3600 people, it is often the music venue of choice for superstar bands and artists who visit the city. Some of the biggest names to have performed since the theatre opened include Nicki Minaj, Fleet Foxes, The Monkees and David Bryne.

With such a wide selection of artists, and several unique opportunities to take advantage of large fanbases within Chicago, the theatre offers entertainment for people of all ages and music tastes throughout the year.

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