Neal, Gerber & Eisenburg

Two North LaSalle Street Suite 1700 Chicago, IL 60602-3801

Phone: 312 269 8000


Founded: 1986

CEO: Sonia Menon

Expertise: Business, Litigation & Disputes, Private Wealth, Intellectual Property

Neal, Gerber & Eisenburg are one of the lar4gest single-office law firms in America, with 150 lawyers dealing with all things business and finance related. With an eye for entrepreneurial and individualistic clients that match the businesses own ethos, they are no strangers to challenging cases that puzzle even the experts of the corporate world.

In the lifespan of the company, they have built a client list that includes a number of Fortune 100 companies, as well as small and midsized businesses, established institutions and startups. These clients can attest to the personalized, passionate nature of the lawyers within this law firm, who provide clients with individualized advice based on the companies needs, instead of generalizing based on what they have in common with other companies.

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