Which one is better? The Cubs or the White Sox?

Chicago is full of attractions – including two baseball teams

Baseball is regarded as America’s sport and Chicago is fortunate to have two teams in the city. Both offer great days out for the fans – even if the MLB betting sites don’t fancy their chances of winning the World Series this year!

The Chicago Cubs play their game on the North Side, while the White Sox draw most of their support from the South Side. But even if you don’t have a favorite, or have never even taken much interest in baseball, this guide to the two iconic Chicago teams is well worth checking out.

Baseball in Chicago

As with some other big cities in the US, Chicago has two Major League Baseball teams, with the White Sox playing in the American League Central division and the Cubs in the National League equivalent. That means that there is always the possibility of an all-Chicago World Series. But that has only happened once in the history of the sport, when the White Sox won by four games to two in 1906.

The Cubs are the older organization, having been formed in 1876. The White Sox began life in 1900 as one of the eight charter franchises of the American League. Both teams have endured morale-sapping championship droughts but have enjoyed more success again in recent years.

Chicago White Sox

Originally called the Chicago White Stockings, the name was shortened in 1904 and they have played at Comiskey Park for the majority of their existence. A new ballpark was built in 1991 and is now known as the Guaranteed Rate Field for commercial reasons.

The White Sox were very successful in the early years of the World Series but gained notoriety in 1919 when they lost the Fall Classic to the Cincinnati Reds, even though they were favorites to win. There were accusations that the series had been fixed and eight players were later banned in what became known as the Black Sox Scandal.

Although the club played well in the 1950s and 60s, winning its fourth World Series in 1959, the remainder of the century was a tumultuous period. Owners came and went and there was even a possible move to Denver at one point. The team improved towards the end of the 1990s and won its first championship in 88 years in 2005.

The iconic Wrigley Field – home of the Cubs

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have enjoyed a just as storied history after being formed in 1876. They have played in 11 World Series, losing to the White Sox in that Crosstown Classic in 1906, before winning back-to-back titles in the two years after.

Playing their home games at the iconic Wrigley Field in Chicago’s North Side, the Cubs had to wait even longer for further success after that initial burst of glory in the early years of the 20th century. There was a flurry of Fall Classic appearances in the 30s, but the long-awaited World Series triumph in 2016 ended a record 108-year drought for the Cubs.

The lack of success was a major source of hilarity for fans of other teams in baseball, although the status of Wrigley Field and the Cubs in the game’s history has made it a regular feature in TV and film drama over the years.

So, White Sox or Cubs?

If you are making a trip to Chicago, we would advise you to try to get to both impressive ballparks to watch two of MLB’s biggest teams. But if you really want to choose, the South Side is traditionally more blue-collar – so the White Sox are more associated with that.

But Wrigley Field is a haven for baseball fans and a great day out, whatever the score. So the Cubs might win there.

In the end, you can’t go wrong going to a game to watch either the White Sox or the Cubs. Both organizations typify what baseball is all about – and you are sure to have an incredible time.

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