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355 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

Average Review in Google: 4.4/5

Yolk has quite a few locations in and around the Chicago area, but they’re all averaging about the same rating across the board. It’s a chain breakfast joint, unlike most of the hot spots on this list, but it’s not to be discounted. If you’re able to manage this kind of growth, in an anti-chain climate (cue the Times article about how millennials killed chain restaurants) it probably means Yolk really has something special going on. As its name would suggest, Yolk really specializes in their eggs, but they also have a plentiful menu. Scrambled eggs, omelets, quite a few different french toast options, crepes, burritos, sandwiches, are all pretty standard. They do have a “Sweet Singles” selection that allows you to get just enough bite of sweet, whether pancake, toast, crepe, or cake, to satisfy your sweet tooth but without overloading on a sugary breakfast.

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