Chicago Van Rentals

Location: 5 locations


  • Family-owned, expected up-close & personal renting experience
  • Low gas mileage for the minivan passenger capacity
  • An ideal choice for family functions, large business groups, and luggage-intensive travel
  • Inexpensive out-of-state travel

If you’re looking for a boutique-style car rental company geared towards travelers with family, look no further than Chicago Van Rentals. As the name already suggests, they specialize in minivans, standard vans, and SUVs, both luxury and regular options. They are available in five locations, including three locations offering Chicago airport car rentals, making it a perfect choice for families traveling with many pieces of luggage.

While their booking and pick-up process is fairly basic, you can expect topnotch service with a personal touch. After all, this is a wholly-owned family business steep in the tradition of luxury, comfort, and personalized services. Their fleet is composed of mostly Mercedes Benz sprinter vans and Ford Transit vans, with capacities ranging from 10 to 15 passengers. Their daily prices start from $100, while many of its comparable peers charge $175 and above.

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