Cuban – 90 Miles Cuban Café

Owners: Christina and Alberto Gonzalez

Location: Multiple locations, including Logan Square, Roscoe Village and Lincolnwood

Contact Details & Opening Hours: Dependent on location. Please check the website for more details.

The Gonzalez family arrived in American after a 15 hour journey on a stormy black sea in June of 1980. From the moment they landed in America, they immediately started working towards their Cuban café, with a rare dedication, rarely seen in larger restaurant chains.

In this family-owned restaurant, their priority doesn’t only lie with the food they serve—although with their $10 special menu and opportunities to place your order online, you really cannot go wrong with that, either!

Instead, they hope to offer you a cultural experience that will leave you with memories far surpassing the visit you attend. With special events such as Latin Jazz Jam Tuesday’s, and Tropical Friday’s, it’s impossible not to become involved in the true nature at the heart of the Gonzalez family—and Cuba as a whole!

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