Mortar & Pestle

3108 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

Average Review in Google: 4.4/5

Perfectly nestled on the corner of Broadway and West Barry in Lakeview, Mortar and Pestle is a cute, casual, brunch-focused restaurant. It’s smaller, but sleek and modern with a perfect blend of dishes scattered about it’s menu.  The menu includes dishes that are comfort food, like biscuits and gravy or french toast, a traditional English breakfast, and then climb on up, with foie gras and eggs to alaskan king crab benedict. In fact, any of their dishes can be, “chef it up” dishes with add-ons of foie gras or black truffle carpaccio. Unique cocktails and a select mix of whites and rosé wines make it a great option for an adult gathering. Be warned though, the cozy environment doesn’t take reservations and won’t seat parties larger than 6, which make it perfect for a more intimate setting.

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