New Patio Bar to Open in Logan Square

A brand new patio bar has opened to fill a void which was left last December at a popular Logan Square location. Packed on most evenings, the East Room was a hip late-night spot that would have certainly struggled during the events of this year. When the bar was closed, co-owner Zack Eastman teased that something was coming in its place.

That something has finally arrived, with the opening of Easy Does It, a trendy patio bar which has been designed to thrive under pandemic conditions and tighter regulations. There is little doubt that this ideal spot will soon see similar numbers to what the East Room once did.

Logan Square is becoming an even exciting spot right now. Last month we covered the arrival of a new brewery and now with this new patio bar, there is a lot for visitors to enjoy.


A New Patio Bar Based on a New Normal

This new patio bar had to be delayed because of the pandemic. While that meant that the owners of the space had to be patient, through a quirk of fortune they were actually some of the luckier ones. With many businesses, especially in the leisure sector, going out of business, at the very least Eastman and his partners didn’t have a business at risk.

As the months rolled on, the plans for the bar changed with the new dining and drinking establishment changes that are part of our new reality. The new patio bar concept had actually been in mind prior to this, and the bar also doubles as a store for those who want take out.


Updating The Conditions of Service

A bold move which the owners have taken is to add twenty percent gratuity. This move has been made in “support of fair wages for all service industry workers.” Some restaurants however, have been raked over the coals for similar moves this year.

Another update the bar will bring in is ordering from smartphones. Customers will be able to order and pay using their smartphones in order to minimize contact. Additionally the picnic tables in the bar, fifteen of them in total, are all spaced six feet apart as per new regulations. Both these moves have become commonplace among bars in the area.


Updating The Feel Of The Bar

This new patio bar concept could not be further removed from its dimly lit predecessor. The overall aim is to create a “light, fresh and airy atmosphere designed to brighten the space and highlight the original architecture features of the building”.

In order to introduce this style and the ambience which they are looking for, the menu, in particular the wine choices, has been created to match the mood. Eastman – who was one of the founders of the successful pop-up ‘Saved By The Bell’ – will look at continuing the focus he began there on high quality wines.


Further Plans For The Space

In a press release the owners of Easy Does It announced that they do have plans to transition indoors. They are currently working on an exciting renovation of the interior, details of which are yet to be released.

On the face of it we can safely assume that the plan has been to get business going again, and fill the space which was once so popular. In doing this, the bar can bring in revenue and support their loyal employees, while they continue work on the interior of the bar.

Once activities do move indoors however, it is safe to assume that the outdoor area will remain a key part of the plans. We covered here the top rooftop bars in the city, and given the current conditions, these open-air options are becoming a big favorite amongst those who are venturing out.


Rounding Up

The timing of this reopening could not have been better and the benefit of being able to have an open-air space for customers is one of the reasons why this place will do well. As to when the bar will be able to make proper use of the indoors, that’s still an open question. Watch this space for updates.

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