Old School Chicago & The Rough & Tough Rabble-Rousers!

Few Midwestern cities are quite as cosmopolitan and exciting as Chicago. Home to an estimated 26 ethnicities, Chicago is a true melting pot of cultures. Make no mistake about it; there is plenty of crime-related segregation in Chicago, dating back to the era of the notorious Chicago Outfit – mobsters in pinstriped suits, with cigars in their mouths, and Tommy Guns clamped in their beefy hands.

The fascinating history of Chicago is nothing to be scoffed at. During the early 1900s, a phenomenon known as the Great Migration took place. As European immigrants flooded into the city, so too did Latinos and African-Americans from the south. Everyone wanted a better life, and Chicago was seemingly filled with possibilities. Gangsterism and politics went hand-in-hand in Chicago, with Irish gangs and Italian gangs vying for their slice of the pie. They had clout over the city council, the mayor’s office, the congressmen and perhaps even the senators from the Great State of Illinois.

Backdoor deals were routinely made, and favors were extended to rival Irish and Italian crime families. It is said that by the year 1900, half of all the police in Chicago were Irish. Naturally, there was segregation between Whites and Blacks, as the latter had no representation in political circles. The political segregation ultimately turned into economic segregation and social segregation as lower-income earners were separated from higher-income earners along color lines.

What Was It Like in Chicago Back in the 1920s?

During the 1920s, criminal gangs reigned supreme. There ruled the city of Chicago with an iron fist, silencing their critics with brute force tactics. Of course, bootlegging was running rampant, as prohibition was the order of the day. Italians and Irish gangsters routinely locked horns, culminating in scores of violent crimes, bombings, and contract killings. The mafia – the Italian mob families – moved in from New York to Chicago, taking on the Irish families in all-out street wars. While we certainly eschew the violence today, there is a certain nostalgia related to that era.

It has been popularized in Hollywood blockbusters, and larger-than-life tales that we recount to this day. The likes of crime boss Big Jim O’Leary certainly cannot be forgotten. He was one of Chicago’s most notorious gangsters, whose rise to infamy began with the Chicago Fire of October 1871. Big Jim’s family was blamed for the Chicago fire, and they moved to the south side where he started getting involved in bookmaking, and later opened up a tavern and Turkish baths. There are plenty of stories about how Big Jim took care of business, suffice it to say, he was ruthless in all his dealings.

The mob is a major part of Americana, and is as distinctive and recognizable as apple pie. Modern-day culture pays tribute to the mob era in many different ways, from fantastic big-screen adaptations of mob stories to online casino games like the Chicago Gold slot at Casino.com. This particular gambling game is a high volatility slot themed around the Chicago Outfit, and provided by Microgaming. It offers a glimpse of the Chicago mob from an entertaining perspective. Players get to compete for mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots on a 5 x 5 reel set. Many unique features bring this game to life with startling realism, such as Multiplier Collect, Re-Spin Collect, Free Spins, Cash Collect, and Big Boss Jackpot.

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The Chicago Outfit – Enemy #1 of the FBI

And then, there was the Chicago Outfit run by the most powerful Italian mobsters of all time. There were also known as the Southside Gang, a.k.a. The Organization. Unlike New York which had 5 mob families, the Chicago Outfit was comprised of just one family. This Chicago mob ran amok in Las Vegas, and thanks to gangsters like Al Capone, it’s no wonder that the Chicago mob was so feared. The Chicago Outfit still operates to this very day, despite serious blows being dealt to them by the FBI. One such modern-day example was Chicago mob boss Frank Calabrese senior.  They may be flying under the radar these days, but Chicago is still their home!


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