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Voghtic Camo Cargo Pants for Women Plus Size with Pockets Sexy High Waisted Outdoor Streetwear

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With some of us working from home, nowadays we’re all about items of clothing that multitask— and cargo pants are right up there with leggings and other versatile athleisure pieces. These practical pants have been refined and are now the staple of everyday fashion, a go-to style that remains relevant from season to season.

Cargo pants are also prized for their versatility, as they can be combined with practically any top, from our trusty tees to fancy pieces like a faux fur coat. It also helps that these tough utility pants come with plenty of storage in the form of large cargo-style pockets.

When most people picture cargo pants, their mind automatically races to shapeless, crumpled, and baggy clothes, perhaps worn by a classic suburban dad mowing the lawn, walking the dogs, or grilling a mean burger. However, today’s cargo pants for women are far from that; they’re an eye-catching cross between sexy leggings and office pants.

But what really makes a great pair of these pants? As avid fans of cargo pants, they must have an excellent fit that doesn’t look baggy or add bulk; the pockets must be roomy, usable, and can securely hold stuff like your phone, keys, etc., and of course, they must be stylish and durable.

What’s more, a quality pair of cargo pants must not put a big dent in your bank account. We love pants that we can team up with anything, from a strappy heel to a chic pair of loafers to our favorite sneakers with any great pair of socks. We want something that you can pair with a beautiful tank top, tee, or even a jean jacket—and we should be able to power through the day without chafing or experiencing any fashion faux pas moments.

While most cargo pants don’t match this description; we’ve done some research and found a real gem. The Voghtic Camo Cargo Pants for Women are a popular choice among Amazon reviewers and we’ve included them in our list of top picks for this year.

Made with a breathable material blend, these combat-inspired cargo pants are excellent for both casual and workwear. They’re extremely stylish, chic, and super comfortable. However, don’t just take our word for it: Amazon customer JG says, “I love the pants! They fit perfectly …” 6/26/2021.

Fans of these cargo sweatpants specifically rave about their awesome camo print that can jazz up any outfit. We also love the camo patterns, but the real icing on the cake is the number and size of pockets that are included in the pant design.

These cargo pants have several functional pockets, with the most important ones on either side at the hips. They’re quite roomy and can safely accommodate most of your essentials like the phone, house keys, wallet, bank cards, and even a makeup kit. Seriously, these pockets can pack a punch.

“[I] Don’t even feel wallet or crash pack while riding,” says one satisfied Amazon reviewer (Leveille) who adds she “plans to order another identical set”. 6/26/2021. Even when filled with your stuff, these pockets don’t create a bulky appearance.

More than a dozen of Amazon reviewers use the terms “great material” and “awesome” to describe these cargo pants. True to their word, they are made with mostly polyester and a blend of other microfibers and elastic material for added stretch and slim-fit wear.

One of the most important features to note is that these cargo pants are high-waisted with a little bit of stretchy elastic waistband. We’re happy to say that the high-rise waistline keeps everything tucked in, lifts the posterior, and creates a slimmer, more flattering figure.

Together with the belt closure, the elastic waistband ensures that the pants stay in place until you slip out of them. In our books, these cargo pants are simply perfect for most indoor and outdoor activities, from light workouts & exercises like yoga to most intense activities like hiking, camping, dancing, and much more.

These pants come in an array of beautiful camo colors, ranging from classics like black, brown, and white to bold, bright hues like yellow, orange, and bright green. As such, we appreciate that they can be worn with an equally vast number of clothing items and accessories. We’re certain you’ll love giving these cargo pants as a gift for any woman in your life.

Teamed up with a tank top or tee during summer, or with an overtop faux fur coat in autumn and spring, we’re sure you’ll look and feel amazing in them. While the manufacturer said that these cargo pants are machine washable, we noted that the gorgeous colors remained vivid after a cold hand wash. 

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