Chicago Chain Now Serves CBD-Infused Coffees

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CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. Recently, CBD has become widely popular to treat a variety of issues. It does not have any of the psychoactive properties of THC, which is what gives the high feeling from marijuana, but it does still have calming properties.

Many studies have been done on the physical and mental health benefits of CBD as well as the risks and side effects. It seems every couple of weeks research reveals a new use for this versatile chemical compound.

Because of its wide range of uses, CBD is being incorporated into different products that we use or consume every day. Topical creams and gels, oral supplements, skincare products, and so many more.

While there are a lot of medically significant uses for CBD, there are many every day uses for it as well. Some uses include treating anxiety, acne, depression, even something as simple as an upset stomach.

CBD supplements are becoming a major craze as the public starts to better understand it and its numerous health benefits. With more and more people utilizing CBD supplements on a regular basis, it is likely that more businesses will take advantage of the trend and incorporate CBD into their products.

Protein Bar & Kitchen, a chain-restaurant based in Chicago, is now offering CBD as an add-in for their coffee and shakes. For an extra $2.99, they will mix in 30 milligrams of CBD to your beverage of choice.

Protein Bar & Kitchen specializes in healthy meals and shakes. Incorporating CBD only makes sense to further the health benefits of their drinks. Now, customers can easily take advantage of the health benefits of CBD simply by drinking their morning smoothie.

Protein Bar is not the only business that is taking advantage of this trend. A spa in New York is offering CBD infused products. They sell topical creams and supplements to help with aches, cramps, sleep problems, and hangover symptoms. Studies have proven that topical application of CBD-infused gels can help reduce inflammation and pain from ailments like arthritis.

Similarly, Coalition Brewing is a brewery based in Portland, Oregon that sells CBD-infused products. They first created a CBD-infused beer in 2016 and now have many different beers in their CBD line, including seasonal flavors.

We will probably see more and more businesses and products like these pop up in the coming months. Before you run out and start stocking up on these products, it’s important that you read up on CBD, the benefits, and the side effects.


CBD Basics

CBD BasicsAccording to CBDKyro, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant hemp. It comes from the same plant that marijuana comes from, but it uses a different part of the plant. The leaves of the plant are marijuana which provides the “high” feeling. The stalks, stem, and sterilized seeds are hemp. This part of the plant produces a lot of CBD and less of the high-inducing THC.

CBD works with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. The receptors for this system are all over your body, your brain, and your immune system. They influence how your body and mind process movement, emotions, chronic pain, inflammation, memory, and critical thinking.


CBD Benefits

CBD BenefitsThere’s an enormous list of benefits for taking CBD. Since the products that you find from places like Protein Bar & Kitchen are designed for the average person, I’ll focus on the more widely applicable uses.

One of the most common reasons that people start to use CBD is to manage anxiety and depression. These mental illnesses are very common and CBD is a healthy and natural way to try and combat these illnesses.

Medication for anxiety and depression can have some side effects that are difficult to manage. But, CBD is sometimes a good alternative and doesn’t have any of the negative side effects. If you are interested in using CBD to help with mental illness, make sure to talk to your doctor first to make sure that it is a good option for you.

CBD is great for preventing muscle spasms too. Using CBD oil in protein shakes like the ones at Protein Bar & Kitchen is a fantastic way to recover from a tough workout. The protein will help you refuel while the CBD will help your muscles relax.

CBD can also help you quit smoking. It is not addictive like nicotine gum or patches. People who quit while taking CBD supplements are typically able to quit more easily and are less likely to go back to the habit. Incorporating CBD in your regular routine will help curb cravings if you’re trying to quit.

These are only a few benefits of CBD supplements. A more complete list with linked resources can be found on


CBD Side Effects and the FDA

CBD Side EffectsCBD is mostly safe to take. It has very few side effects on its own but it can interact with other medications negatively. Before you start taking CBD, talk to your doctor about whether it will negatively interact with any medication that you’re currently taking.

In general, you could experience some minor side effects that include diarrhea, tiredness, change in appetite, irritability, nausea, and fatigue. These side effects are usually not extreme, just mildly uncomfortable.

It’s also important to note that most CBD supplements do not have FDA approval. There is no third-party to guarantee the quality of your product or the purity of it. It’s important to do a good amount of research before you buy anything so that you know you’re purchasing from a trustworthy business.


CBD is a great supplement to help with various physical and mental health issues. Like the shakes and coffees at Protein Bar & Kitchen, CBD-infused products will make it easier for you to prioritize your wellbeing without any major changes in your routines. As more and more consumers become comfortable with CBD as a supplement, you will likely see more businesses embrace CBD-infused products.

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