Damen Jackson

Address:  954 W. Washington Blvd. #750, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 277 0702 ext. 123

Founded: 1998

CEO: Ron Farnum

Top Clients: KitchenAid, Foodsaver, Disney, ChapStick

Expertise: Packaging design, branding, and communication strategies.

Damen Jackson, a small agency who received the Transformation Award in 2017 to commemorate their successful and innovative work with major brands, are a strategy and design based agency.

Working mostly with midmarket companies, Damen Jackson will commit all of its 8 employees to providing your brand with memorable branding, packaging and visual design.

Depending upon the goals established at the start of your working relationship, they will also invest in advertising services to provide your business with comprehensive brand awareness in the online world.

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