ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG)

111 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1600 Chicago, IL 60604

Phone: 312 829 1111


Founded: 2000

CEO: Brendan Caulfield

Expertise: Cloud, Data Services and Disaster Recovery

Top Clients: Shopify, DePaul University, Owings, Standard Parking Plus Corporation, RichRelevance

With their versatile and diverse expertise in the managing IT services business, ServerCentral Turing Group have secured contacts with businesses of all sizes and success rates, from startups to Fortune 500 companies from all over the world.

They work with businesses to understand their current business model, and use this to deliver formal, actionable recommendations that will help them create the best cloud for their business. There’s a lot of criteria that goes into making sure you’re storing information in a way that works well for your business, so having industry experts with plenty of experience on your side is invaluable.

They are also the only managing IT services company in Chicago who allow you to shift your spend from one IT service to another at any point during your contract because they understand that needs change, and you need to prioritise your budget to whichever need demands the most attention in that moment.

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