20 Must-Hit Chicago Brunch Spots

Bacon, pancakes, fresh fruits, bottomless mimosas, eggs benedict- whatever your breakfast weak spot might be, most of us have one. It’s no mystery why brunch went from a casual, infrequent slang into a ritual, a celebration, and often even a reason to make it to the weekend.


There’s just something fantastic about sitting with a group of friends or family on a Saturday morning, enjoying a meal, enjoying some drinks, and soaking up the atmosphere. What’s even better is when you know just the best spots around town to hit.


1 M.henry
The quaint and unique vibes at m. henry are not only a great part of it’s ambiance, but also enriched in it’s interesting history (head to their website for a bit more on their background). This spot is perfect for those groups that have a bit more diverse needs when it comes to eating.
Average Review in Google: 4.6/5
2 Mortar & Pestle
Perfectly nestled on the corner of Broadway and West Barry in Lakeview, Mortar and Pestle is a cute, casual, brunch-focused restaurant. It’s smaller, but sleek and modern with a perfect blend of dishes scattered about it’s menu.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
3 Griddle 24
Let’s start this one out with what is every breakfast aficionado’s true dream: 24-hour breakfast service! This is the perfect spot to hit when you’re really feeling that breakfast food craving. Not much in the way of fancy or over-the-top, Griddle 24’s emits traditional diner-vibes, and the menu is filled with recognizable dishes, hearty, filling, and satisfying.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
4 Wishbone
Southern comfort food with a kick of cajun. With over one thousand reviews online, this farm-house chic business has garnered a bit of a reputation for itself, without really needing any flash or pomp.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
5 Summer House Santa Monica
A touch of beachy, fresh West Coast vibes perfectly nestled in Lincoln Park. Summer House Santa Monica is sleek, trendy, refreshing, and exquisitely lit, and a bit more upscale than the usual casual breakfast diner spot.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
6 Beatnik
It’s important to start this one off with a description of the interior of this establishment, which feels like the refined living room of a posh yet eclectic world-traveler. There’s a lot to look at here, and there’s no one-spot description.
Average Review in Google: 4.5/5
7 Handlebar
It’s no surprise that because of all the nut allergies, and the dairy-free diets, and the vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan preferences coming in from guests, more and more menus offer speciality dishes. Restaurants have worked hard to tailor their menu offerings to allow guests to swap bread for salad, or milk for almond milk.
Average Review in Google: 4.6/5
8 Slightly Toasted
Slightly Toasted is the place to go when you want to, well, get slightly toasted? Though they offer their own unique coffee subscription plans for lovers of a warm cup of caffeine, their food menu is very limited. The bonus here is that their drink menu more than makes up for the brevity of their food menu.
Average Review in Google: 4.3/5
9 Little Goat Diner
Probably the most renowned restaurant on this list, the Little Goat Diner is pretty much as good as it is popular. Despite the cutesy, humble name, Little Goat Diner does have a diner atmosphere, but a much fancier, classier interpretation.
Average Review in Google: 4.5/5
10 The Crepe Shop
Want three guesses on what made-to-order breakfast dish this place specializes in? You can only get two items here: crepes and coffee. But for a lot of people, a pastry and a coffee is the perfect breakfast. But for a lot of people, a pastry and a coffee is the perfect breakfast. Especially when the crepes are as perfectly crafted and planned as they are at the Crepe Shop.
Average Review in Google: 4.8/5
11 La Catedral Cafe and Restaurant
La Catedral Cafe and Restaurant takes a flavor-filled Mexican twist to a full and vibrant traditional breakfast menu. With two locations, one in Little Village and the other in Lincoln Square, the restaurant has a colorful and traditional Mexican-adobe aesthetic, which feels as authentic and original as the food they put out on the plates.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
12 The Bongo Room
A smaller, more intimate setting welcomes guests to this establishment in Wicker Park. A great place for couples or small groups, the Bongo Room has hearty meals served in great sized portions. They work to specially tailor their menu to what is season and what is fresh, which is generally a good sign.
Average Review in Google: 4.5/5
13 Yolk
Yolk has quite a few locations in and around the Chicago area, but they’re all averaging about the same rating across the board. It’s a chain breakfast joint, unlike most of the hot spots on this list, but it’s not to be discounted. If you’re able to manage this kind of growth, in an anti-chain climate (cue the Times article about how millennials killed chain restaurants) it probably means Yolk really has something special going on.
Average Review in Google: 4.4/5
14 The Hampton Social
If you envision the Hamptons for what movies and tv shows make it out to be, the interior of Hampton Social probably meets your expectations. Golden lighting, bright open windows, fresh, clean, and a somewhat nautical-inspired interior with a more contemporary, trendy decor paired with white tables and countertops make walking in very refreshing.
Average Review in Google: 4.3/5
15 Fatpour Tap Works
This is a restaurant with character and flavor. For the safe-eater, Fatpour’s menu has plenty of traditional dishes, but they have Fatpour’s own twist to take you a little bit out of your comfort zone. From the Hangover Burrito with jalapeño to the Tres Leches Pancakes, to the Chi-Town skillet, they have dishes to share and dishes to keep to yourself.
Average Review in Google: 4.2/5
16 Cindy’s
One of the more recognized establishments (boasting over 2,300 ratings) is Cindy’s, a rooftop restaurant on top of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. Needless to say, it has some of the best views in Chicago to enjoy for a Saturday or Sunday morning brunch. It’s a bit more on the pricier side, so not likely a place where you’ll frequent regularly, but a must-hit for the ambiance and views alone.
Average Review in Google: 4.5/5
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