New Podcast Targets Chicago Food Lovers

Two Chicago food journalists have partnered up to host a brand new, tasty podcast with interviews with the city’s top chefs.

Ari Bendersky, former editor of Eater Chicago and Crain’s Chicago Business reporter joins  Maggie Hennessy, Time Out Chicago’s bar and restaurant critic launched the podcast, named Overserved, with foodie listeners in mind.

The series, currently seven episodes in, includes chats with fantastic Chicago chefs such as Jennifer Kim of Passerotto, Erick Williams of Virtue and John Manion of El Che Steakhouse & Bar.

It is thought that the podcast will offer a special view into restaurants in Chicago, such as these authentic eateries.

2018 Eater Chef of the Year  Chef Jennifer Kim of Passerotto also makes an appearance to discuss her childhood, upbringing , and toxic restaurant culture in episode four.

In an interview with Time Out, Maggie said: “We wanted to create a platform to get to know the human beings behind these spots—how and why they came to this business, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night, what they do on their rare days off, what they keep in their fridge.” 

New episodes arrive every Tuesday on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher. Each release lasts between 40 and 75 minutes, perfect to last the morning and evening commute.

Maggie added: “By giving people such as chefs, cooks, bartenders, coffee roasters, brewers, sommeliers , and farmers space to share their multidimensional personalities, we’ll hopefully help listeners appreciate and better understand the whole food world and its intersections with everything from culture to politics, race, and class.”

The pair have teased a few names that audiences may hear from in the future, including Adrienne Lo of Fat Rice and Paul Kahan of One Off Hospitality.

It’s likely that the Taste of Chicago festival will be discussed next year.

Later episodes will hear from a mix of both old favorites and up and coming Chicago chefs.

The podcast will not just be about the food these professionals serve, however – the website promises a look into their personal lives and what inspires the dishes they cook or the drinks they serve.

It is hoped the series will show the ‘reality’ behind food culture.

The very first recording, released on June 23, discusses DJ Khaled’s new restaurant in Chicago, The Licking, and is entitled ‘Sip This’.

The most recent podcast features a long interview with Curtis Duffy and Michael Muser, the pair behind  the Michelin Star restaurant Grace and Avenues, which became the subject of a Netflix documentary.

Ari added: “This isn’t just about the bigger-named chefs who always get the attention. 

“Yes, we’ll have them on, but we also want to talk to independent folks from all parts of the city who often get overlooked by the mainstream press.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear them.”

The team will be discussing everything from cooking with children to food waste.

Overserved is recorded and produced by Mess, a studio in West Town alongside former journalist and director of content Ernest Wilkins.

Currently just serving up the tasty treats of Chicago chefs, the pair hope that the podcast will soar and become more mainstream in the future.

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