Bambooven Men’s Premium Bamboo Lightweight Dress and Trouser Socks

Bambooven | Men’s Premium Bamboo Dress and Trouser Socks Gift Box| Lightweight with No Sweat, Anti-Odor Quality | Non-Slip Ultra...

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If you’re an eco-champion looking for the best groomsmen socks that look stunning and save the planet, look no further! Bambooven’s premium bamboo socks are heavenly soft, ultra-comfortable, and lightweight to boot, a huge bonus for groomsmen looking to dress light without compromising on fashion and style.

Built for fans of natural fibers and eco-friendly production, these socks are crafted from 80% organic bamboo fibers that are breathable and grown without harmful fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides. They sport a 200-needle count weave, which is the highest needle count available for bamboo socks on the market. At the same time, that also means these socks are densely stitched, strong, and yet soft to the touch.

Why bamboo socks? Aside from the fact that they are environmentally-friendly, bamboo socks are prized for their moisture-wicking capability and breathability features. In fact, reports show that socks made from these natural fibers wick away up to 60% more moisture than an average cotton dress sock.

As if that isn’t wowing enough, Bambooven’s sock is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and resists odors. A combination of these positive attributes makes these classy socks great for anyone who suffers from stinky feet; they also come expertly recommended for groomsmen with sensitive skin, diabetes, or other circulation problems.

Because bamboo socks are generously aerated and breathable, they tend to keep bacteria, fungi, and odors at bay. Even more exciting, they don’t absorb electric charges, so you won’t startle or shock the bride and bridesmaids on the dance floor … of course, you can wow them with your dance moves!

Another highlight feature is that these socks sport no-seam toes and reinforced at the heel, which leads to a denser fit, added stability, and more comfort you can rely on all day. They are designed with a ribbed, binding top that incorporates some spandex to enhance comfort, ensure stay-up fit, and prevent bunching.

As you’d expect from the best socks on the market, these bamboo socks boast thermo-regulating capability which helps keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in the cold season. As well as superior moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology, they also provide excellent protection against harmful UV sun rays.

Bambooven socks were designed with durability and quality in mind. Unlike most socks that make use of synthetic materials that wear out quickly, fade with repeated use, and get baggy over time, these socks are top-notch. Not only do they resist color fading but also maintain their shape, resist shrinking, sagging, and bagging even after several uses. Because of this, your socks will look new after use after use.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something fun or want to pair with a formal wedding outfit, these socks are just right for your groomsmen. They are long-lasting, attractive, and ultra-comfortable socks that come in shoes size 8 to 11.5.

What we liked

  • Looks stunning and good for the planet – Bambooven’s dress & trouser socks are crafted from ethically-grown organic bamboo fibers. That means you will look dashing wearing them while feeling good inside. Is there a better feeling than being a fashion-forward eco-warrior?
  • Superior comfort & fit – These cocks comprise 80% bamboo, 3% elastane, and 17% Lycra, which makes them very sturdy, comfortable, and extremely soft to the touch. They fit snugly well above the calf and feel more like a second skin than most socks on this list
  • Durable and easy to wear – These socks feature a reinforced heel and no-seam toe, for a seamless flow and easy wear. They’re odor-resistant and don’t fade even after several uses and washes.
  • Gift-ready packaging – The assorted mixture of bamboo socks come in a beautiful gift box that’s ready for gifting
  • Medical-grade – With a 200-needle count, the fabric is incredibly fine yet super strong. That’s what qualifies these socks for those with diabetes, circulation issues, and sensitive skin.

What could improve

  • They’re slightly pricey, but given the level of comfort they offer, these socks are worth every extra penny
  • Shedding and shrinking cases have been reported. You can circumvent this by air drying the socks; you can also get them pre-shrunk.


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