10 Best Water Bottles: EcoFriendly & Modern

Hydrating regularly is an awesome way to spruce up your health and overall well-being. In fact, staying adequately hydrated can do wonders for your skin, heart, brain and immune system (just to mention a few). In today’s fast-paced world, however, drinking water can sometimes sleep our minds. Check out our list of the best water bottles on the market today, a handy way to stay hydrated wherever you are, on the go.

Well, it’s 2019, and water bottles are dime a dozen out there, not to mention that they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. While that’s definitely a good thing, choosing the right one for your beverage and hydration needs can become a little daunting. That’s why we have put together this curated list of the 10 crème de la crème of water bottles worth checking out in 2019. Hint: the first one will definitely knock your boots off.


First Things First: How to Pick the Right Water Bottle for You

Woman hiking with a water bottle in handNot all refillable water bottles are created equal. If you want to land the best water bottle, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  •      Filter or no filter? – If your tap water doesn’t taste great, you need a water bottle equipped with a filter system. This nifty feature will enhance immensely the flavor and quality of drinking water.
  •      Your Style – Given that there’s a sea of choice, it pays to choose a water bottle that marries well with your style and personality.
  •      Color – Some water bottles like Kool8 come in a choice of 5 fabulous colors. Get one in your fave color to add some pizzazz, style, and elegance to your life.
  •      Use & Lifestyle – The chances are good that you have an active lifestyle. If you need a water bottle for hiking, pick one that’s easy to clip to a karabiner. If you are a gym or biking enthusiast, stick with a bottle with a sports cap.
  •      Design – While a stylish design is all good and dandy, go for water bottles that are specially designed to be easy to clean. Pay particular attention to the nozzle design. You don’t want a water bottle that’ll harbor germs.
  •      Capacity – It should hold enough water and beverages to quench your thirst without having to go for many refills.

Now that you know what makes a great water bottle, let’s get cracking with our list, shall we?


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#1. Kool 8

The Best Water Bottle of 2019 (Overall)

Kool8 water bottle

Kool 8 is hands down the best water bottle for 2019 and with good reason. This snazzy bottle comes in a modern, sleek, and eco-friendly design. Moreover, it’s elegant, stylish, and designed especially to keep you hydrated on the go. Whether you want to keep your tea nicely warm or your water chilled, Kool 8 is your go-to water bottle. Talking of choice, the brand comes in 5 fantastic colors, namely grey, pink, blue, green, and red. How cool is Kool 8? So much so that it’s currently out of stock. Of course, you can pre-order yours right now. Bonus point: the company is located in Chicago!


  •      Double-walled vacuum sealed
  •      Sleek design
  •      Several color choices plus great price


  •      None that we can think of.

Buy Kool8 Water Bottle here


#2. Soma Glass Water Bottle 

Soma Glass Water Bottle 

The Best Water Bottle for the Fashionable Office Worker

Superbly crafted and beautifully designed, Soma glass water bottle is a must-have if you want to stay hydrated at work and on the go. It’s made with a durable machined glass material that is reasonably light. It is currently available in a 17-ounce capacity that comes with a soft silicone sleeve.


  •      It’s made of glass for easy cleaning and maintenance
  •      Best for an office environment
  •      Has a grippy external cover


  •      A little heavier than other water bottles in the category

Buy Soma Glass Water Bottle here


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#3. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle 

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle 

The Best Water Bottle for Outdoor Activities

If you love camping, biking or hiking, it is imperative that you continually replenish water lost through sweating and perspiration. This is where Nomader collapsible water bottle comes in handy. It packs 22 ounces of liquid per refill, making sure that you are always hydrated (one of the big reasons why we think this is one of the best water bottles of 2019). Thanks to its leak-resistant, shatter-proof design which comes complete with an ergonomic strap mean that you can carry the bottle hands-free.


  •      A large variety of colors, including white, orange, red, green, and blue
  •      Sealed twist cap for germs-free hydration
  •      100% food-grade material
  •      Dishwasher safe


  •      Not ideal for indoor use.
  •      Not exactly a looker/stylish

Buy Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle here


#4. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

If you are looking for the best travel mug-cum-water bottle, Zojirushi has one that’s perfect for you. It keeps cold drinks cold or hot for longer. It comes with a smart locking mechanism that makes it easy to lug the bottle around (why we added them on our list of best water bottles of 2019!). And the best part is that it doesn’t leak.


  •      Easy cleaning
  •      Ideal for your vehicle cup holder
  •      Best for both hot and cold beverages
  •      No leaks


  •      Limited style choices
  •      Color scheme is not exactly in line with American tastes
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Buy Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug here


#5. Dopper Ocean Collection Original Bottle

Best Water Bottle with Separable Cup

Dopper Ocean Collection Original Bottle

This water bottle comes with a sports cap and detachable cup. It’s made of BPA-free, stainless steel.


  •      BPA/Toxic free
  •      Dishwasher safe
  •      Has detachable cup


  •      Not insulated
  •      Has no filter
  •      Just like with Zojirushi, I doubt the color scheme matches what American buyers are looking for. 

Buy Dopper Stainless Steel Water Bottle here

#6. 24Bottles Clima Water Bottle 

Best Eco-friendly Water Bottle

24Bottles Clima Water Bottle 

If you are an eco-conscious person, you should definitely check out 24Bottles Clima.


  •      Best eco-friendly bottle design
  •      Super unique bottle designs
  •      Double-walled insulated
  •      CO2 neutral


  •      A bit heavy

Buy 24Bottles Clima Water Bottle here


#7. Ted Baker Water Bottle

Black Ted Baker Water bottleWith a leak-proof and sleek design, this water bottle by Ted Baker is perfect for drinks on the go.


  •      Lovely design (super sleek!)
  •      Leak-proof lid
  •      Various colors available
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  •      Not dishwasher safe

Buy Ted Baker Water Bottle here


#8. Klean Kanteen Classic

Here’s a decent capacity water bottle with sophisticated design.

Klean Kanteen Classic


  •      Large mouth opening
  •      Large capacity


  •      Too heavy for everyday use
  •      Looks very bulky

Buy Klean Kanteen Classic here


#9. Coldest Water Bottle 


Coldest Water Bottle 

Coldest water bottle feature double-wall insulation, stainless steel construction, and ability to keep your drinks hot or cold for 36+ hours.


  •      BPA-free design
  •      Compatible with most car cup holders


  •      Significantly small opening
  •      Can be difficult to clean

Buy Coldest Water Bottle here

#10. Mira Water Bottle 


Mira Water Bottle

Mira water bottle is a vacuum insulated, double-walled stainless steel bottle. It keeps your drinks near the same temps for long.


  •      Large 25 oz capacity
  •      Stainless steel construction


  •      Paint tends to wear off
  •      Which water bottle ticks you all your boxes?

Buy Mira Water Bottle here


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