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10 Pairs Men Thin Socks Silk Sheer Trouser Tuxedo Dress Sox Mid-Calf Liner Over the Calf

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If pseudo-luxury sock fabrics are your cup of tea, we have got the best groomsmen socks for you. These sheer silk dress socks from Cityelf are available in a variety of seven different Jacquard patterns and toned-down hues, so you won’t go wrong with any of these multi-packs of sheer socks with your wedding suit or classic tuxedo.

The first option is flat cable knit silk polyester socks combined with a little bit of spandex for stretch and Lycra for added strength, breathability, and elasticity. This fabric combination also means these socks are excitingly lightweight and soothing soft on your skin. They also stay put at the top while not pilling, sagging, or falling down thanks to added elastic fibers at the cuffs and throughout the sock.

If you’re planning a fancy black-tie affair and you’re willing to splurge on sexy tux socks, the Cityelf’s trouser tuxedo dress socks are your best bet. What makes them some of the best socks on this list is that they feel and look like classic silk (or actually cashmere), but they are actually made of 95% silky soft polyester fibers. To create that silk sheer that’s ultra-lightweight and sexy, Cityelf weaved in just a touch of diamond patterns for a bit of pizzazz.

These socks provide you with a wallet-friendly and sexy way to add sass and effortless luxury to your formal wedding ensemble. Given the sheer, ultra-thin, and lightweight design, you’d expect these socks to offer little to zero cushioning.

On the contrary, they are well-padded and cushioned at strategic places. In fact, most users love that there are extra reinforcements at the toe and heel of the sock to improve comfort, create a lockdown fit, and prevent painful blisters from forming.

The true beauty of these silky-soft dress socks lies in their mesh-like design. The fabric is fashioned into a nice sheer that offers optimal breathability with ample ventilation to help you air out your feet. This of course thwarts any chances of moisture, bacterial, or fungal build-up, as well as keeps unwanted odors at bay.

With a little Lycra and spandex, these socks are designed to automatically contour to the shape and structure of your feet and legs. They are also fairly ribbed and stretchy at the cuffs, allowing for stay-up and comfortable wear all day long. And if that isn’t stable enough for you, there are designs that include metal clip suspenders, Y-style suspenders, and E-style suspenders.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and soothing soft – Like most users, we loved that these socks are cool and extremely silky soft thanks to their high content of silky polyester. Even better, they stay put at the top without pilling, sagging, or rolling down even after many uses & cycles of laundry.
  • Supportive, well-reinforced – Even though the socks are mostly sheer, they are reinforced at the toe and heel to enhance comfort, durability, and prevent blistering.
  • Sexy & versatile – These socks boast a sexy sheer but can also be worn with a variety of shoes and outfits, including casual pants, garters, tuxedos, and business formal suits. They come in 7 different jacquard patterns, including over-the-calf style, lined pattern, diamond designs, and flat knit.
  • Perfect fit – They are designed to conform to the structure of your feet and contour to the shape of your legs

What could improve

  • Not available in colorful designs


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