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Loyalist Has the Best Burger in the Country

A Chicago-made cheeseburger has been named as one of the best in the country, thanks to a report from Big Travel 7.

The Loyalist’s burger made number 13 on the top 50 list released on September 18 in celebration of National Cheeseburger Day.

Big Travel 7’s report described the burger as ‘simple and classic, but it ticks every single box for perfection’.

It added: “By developing a relationship with a 20-acre farm an hour south of the city they are able to source and create the very best produce from scratch.”

The Loyalist has nicknamed the burger as the ‘Dirty Burger’, made with a short rib, chuck, and ground bacon patty, housemade pickles, American cheese, onions, and onion-infused mayo.

In fact, it’s supposed the be that good that it even has its own Instagram account, which is yet to post about the listing, but acknowledged on September 18 that ‘someone made up a holiday just for me’.

The account is full of mouth-watering snaps of the clearly epic burger in all its glory, which gets its fan base of almost 6,000 followers talking (and drooling) on a regular basis.

The Loyalist, located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, is part of the bi-level eatery ‘John and Karen Urie Shields’ Smyth + The Loyalist’.

It is just one of many great and unique eateries Chicago has to offer.

Customers are given two options upon entering: they can choose to head upstairs to Smyth for a modern fine dining experience, or walk downstairs to the sultry Loyalist which serves upscale bites and great cocktails.

Time Out described The Loyalist’s burger as the ‘most notable thing on the menu’, and said it was ‘juicy and rich’ which ‘results in a satisfying fattiness’.

With reviews like the above being shared all over the internet, it’s no surprise this signature burger made the list.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was to even make its way onto Overserved, Chicago’s own food critic podcast.

The Loyalist joined the likes of Table 6 in Anchorage, Alaska, The Stand in Phoenix, Arizona, and HiHo Cheeseburger in Los Angeles, California.

Top of the list, however, was Farm Burger in Hunstville, Alabama.

Its review read: “The key to their amazing cheeseburger is sourcing the freshest of ingredients from local suppliers. We’re pretty jealous of the residents of Huntsville to have this on their doorstep.

“After that, they focus on keeping things incredibly simple with great meat, onions and melted cheese. Absolute perfection.”

Two burgers next to each other

But if you don’t fancy heading all the way to Alabama for the country’s best-ever cheeseburger, stick with number 13 – we promise you it’s just as good.

If you’re thinking of visiting, please bear in mind that the restaurant isn’t open on Mondays, so you might want to browse through these great restaurants for food that hits the spot at the start of the week.

Congratulations, The Loyalist, for continuing to shine the light for Chicago’s burger scene!

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