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A timeless pick for a reason, argyle socks will bring an element of class, fun, and play into any wedding day look without making too much of a fashion statement. These Men’s Argyle Dress Socks from Royal Classic in a pink and gray color scheme, as well as Christmas vibrant red and black theme.

Meticulously designed and woven, these fuzzed-out pink argyle socks look like something lifted straight out of a royal wedding. They are snazzy for your big day and can be useful thereafter. The crew length height really stays up the entire wedding – a bonus benefit for the grooms and groomsmen who are most likely to be taking pictures all day long.

These socks are a lovely combo of immaculate argyles in black and several shades of pink. They are formulated from Royal Classic’s highest quality cotton (65% composition), as well as 25% nylon, and 10% spandex. We tried out several socks in this line-up, and we must say, the material is super comfortable, absorbent, and supportive with a snugly fit.

Completely seamless and reinforced at both the toe and heel, these cotton-rich dress socks stay secure and comfortable on your feet without forming blisters or bunching, as mentioned by many reviewers. That’s why most people say they’re among their favorite groomsmen socks. The same material also holds its shape, bolsters longevity, and ultimately delivers the most bang for your bucks.

The cotton material used here is a well-known absorbent fabric that also keeps you warm and cozy during cold weather. Nylon and spandex are weaved into the base cotton fabric, providing the necessary moisture-wicking properties, so that your toes, ankles, and legs stay cool and dry in warm weather. The material also opens up the sock and shoes for better ventilation, as well as gets rid of any odors and prevents the buildup of bacterial and fungi.

Like most of the best socks, you’ll find on the market, these come in a medium thickness, perfect for everyday wear. That being said, these beautiful socks can be worn with your sneakers, heeled booties, and of course, dress shoes. You can wear them for the wedding rehearsal, reception, ceremony, and well into the after-party, but the top won’t roll down or sag.

Reviewers rave about Royal Classic’s helpful and responsive customer service. Whether you have an issue with your order, can’t seem to figure out what is in which pack, or just need some general tips, the team is always an email away. The company promises that all returns made in a timely fashion will be honored and all replacements or refunds issued promptly. Plus, all orders come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Remember these are showy sock colors that are pleading to peek out from underneath that well-pressed three-piece suit trouser or tux. Most grooms say they work better with slim-fit or cropped pants. If you want to balance the attention received by your outfit, steal a little show from the socks by using an argyle pattern elsewhere in the ensemble. Only that in this case you must use a darker or lighter shade of pink.

What we liked

  • Classic and stylish as they come – Designed for bold and confident groomsmen who aren’t afraid to express their feminine side, these pink argyle socks are incredibly stylish with a classic appeal
  • A splash of color – They are perfect socks for adding a pop of color to your ensemble without taking it too far thanks to the timeless appeal of argyle. What we loved is that the colors are very accurate and elaborate.
  • Minimal seams and reinforced toe/heel – This helps up the comfort level and prevent irritation during dancing, walking, and other movements.
  • Color-coordinate – Pink is probably found somewhere in the brides or bridesmaid outfit. This makes these socks easy to color-match with their dresses, bouquets, or reference a pinkish or reddish hue or shade in the wedding décor.

What could improve

  • These pink argyle socks may be too bold for some black-tie weddings
  • Most people love that these socks help keep the feet dry, but some reviewers noticed that they can be too tight on the shin.


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